Nintendo Is Going To Make Money This Year, Might Not Be Dooooooomed!


NINTENDO SHOULD GIVE UP AND START MAKING IPHONE GAMES AND...oh, what's that? They're making money again?


Shark Tank Host Says 3.5 Billion People In Poverty Is ‘Fantastic News’


Kevin O'Leary of ABC's Shark Tank responds To OXFAM's news of poverty numbers on his CBC talk show, and you won't believe what he says.


Ermahgerd, Links

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Netflix Is Beating Apple In Online Movie Revenue

In news that's a shock to nobody who's actually paying attention, Netflix has officially handed Apple their shapely, well-designed buttocks when it comes to movie streaming.

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5 Reasons Sony's Financials May Mean The End Of the PlayStation

As you may or may not know, Sony has been taking a beating over the last year.


Intriguing Businesses And Links

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Netflix Formed Its Own PAC To Brace Going To War With Cable Companies

In the escalating war between Big Cable and Netflix, a pretty big shot was just fired: Netflix is about to get into the political arena in earnest with its very own political action committee, creatively titled "Flixpac." Aside from sounding like a bulk deal at a Hollywood Video, what will Flixpac be up to.


Dollar Shave Club, Please, Just Take My Money


The way overpriced and over-marketed shaving industry has been begging to receive a good Netflix-ing for years, and now Dollar Shave Club is here with a brilliant business model and an even more brilliant viral video to get the word out.


Hypocrisy In Hollywood: The Infographic

We spend some serious time outlining Hollywood hypocrisy around these parts, whether it be why SOPA is the worst, or why PIPA is the worst, or pretty much anything Dan writes.


Comcast Tries To Compete With Netflix, Faceplants


Well, this is only a few years overdue.


Netflix Is Bringing Qwikster Back (Yeah)

Those [CENSORED] don't know how to act.


Netflix Magically Defies Tech Blogger Predictions of Doom

Far be it from us to say, "We told you so.

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GameStop Learns That Pre-Orders Don’t Mean Sales

GameStop is, as we all know, infamous for pushing and pushing and pushing preorders.


Barnes & Noble And DC Comics Are Beefin’

A couple weeks ago DC Comics made a deal to sell the first digital versions of about a hundred of their graphic novels exclusively on Amazon's new Kindle Fire.


Meme Watch: Business Dog Is Ready To Blue Sky Some Frisbees

Business Dog is the canine business professional's answer to Business Cat.


All The Weird News You Can Shake An Enormous Bra At

A lawn mower race erupted in violence this week when a man on a large lawnmower bumped into a smaller lawnmower after reaching the finish line.


How Will Google Survive Without Their Adult Supervision?

Google CEO Eric Schmidt will be stepping down into an "Executive Chairmen" role starting April 4th of this year, and Google co-founder Larry Page will take over as CEO.


Has The Mainstream Media Noticed Tunisia Yet?

World News People have been rioting in Tunis, Tunisia after weeks of unrest following the suicide of Mohamed Bouazizi, who killed himself after police seized his fruit stand.

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