Ipad thieves

Two iPad Thieves Got Busted Because Their Selfies Started Showing Up In The Owner’s iCloud

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When will thieves learnt that taking slefies on stolen tech is about the stupidest thing you can do?


Congressman Vance McAllister Was Busted Cheating On His Wife And He’s Super Sorry

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Louisiana Congressman Vance McAllister was caught on surveillance video kissing a woman who works as his district scheduler.

Sonko/Hillary 2016

This Kenyan Politician (Not Obama) Totally Nailed It With His Mandela Photoshop

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I hope Mike Sonko is the next Kenyan to get elected president of the United States. Sonko/Hillary 2016!


A White House Staffer Has Been Busted For Being A Secret Twitter Troll

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Jofi Joseph just burned his career to the ground, thanks to Twitter.


Nokia Fakes Smartphone Video, Immediately Gets Busted By The Internet


Nokia is apparently so proud of their new phones they didn't bother to actually shoot their viral videos with them.


Redditor Details 9Gag’s Theft Process


Turns out 9Gag is not exactly as clever and on top of things as they seem.


On a Mac? Orbitz Will Push Costlier Hotels.

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Hope you weren't planning on booking a trip through Orbitz on your Mac any time soon, because Orbitz executives have admitted that they show more expensive hotels first to you.

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