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The Many Repeatable Outbursts Of Buster Bluth


Buster Bluth seemed like an innocent on 'Arrested Development,' but there is a rage beneath the surface of this real monster.


Tony Hale Shows Off His Manly Side As A Bad*ss Man In ‘Slade Seksdik’

Watch Tony Hale as a ninja-fighting action hero in 'Slade Seksdik: Die Time'.

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Here Are Ten ‘Veep’ Clips That Prove Gary Walsh Really Is Buster Bluth’s Long Lost Twin Brother

Let's get excited for Season Three of 'Veep' with Gary Walsh's Buster Bluthiest moments!

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‘Arrested Development’ Beyond The Binge: Everything You May Have Missed In 'Off The Hook'


An in-depth look at all the things you may have missed on first watch of the Buster-centric episode.

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UPROXX Live Q&A With ‘Veep’ And ‘Arrested Development’ Star Tony Hale


The talented and funny Tony Hale joins us to talk about the second season of 'Veep' and his iconic role on 'Arrested Development.'

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The Buster Bluth ‘Hey Brother’ GIF Wall Just Made Your Day Out Of Nowhere

I often contend that the internet -- much like everyday people -- is regularly in desperate need of certain things, only doesn't realize it.

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The Best Of #Buster Bluth

I hesitated to dip back into the Arrested Development Best of # well shortly after Tobias Fünke set the bar so damn high, but with the news of Netflix stepping up and making another season of the Bluths a reality it just felt right.

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