The College That Invented Butt Chugging Just Suspended A Frat For Pouring Hot Sauce On Pledges’ Genitals

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University of Tennessee, the same school that brought us butt chugging, has suspended a frat for pouring hot sauce on pledges' genitals.


IMPORTANT: Fecal Transplants Outperform Antibiotics In Clinical Trial

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The results are in regarding the first randomized clinical trial of fecal transplants versus antibiotics. Poop for the win.


Predictably Hilarious: Lewis Black On Buttchugging And Sex With Farm Animals


I'd been wondering when the Daily Show would hit the most hilarious press conference of all time: the Tennessee buttchugging press conference. Thankfully they left it for Lewis Black to tackle.


The Butt Chugging Tennessee Fraternity Holds The Most Hilarious Press Conference Ever

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More press conferences should include multiple mentions of the phrase "butt chugging."


America’s Latest Youth Scourge: ‘Butt-Chugging’

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Vodka-soaked tampons are so 2011. Butt-chugging is all the rage these days, kids.

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