tim tebow

Florida To Honor Tebow With Erection


Somebody once chiseled on stone something about not worshipping false idols, but they never laid eyes on Tim Tebow’s chiseled abs.


Jason Taylor Wants You To Love Him

In 2004, then-Miami Dolphin Jason Taylor embarked on a journey of word-swapping with New York Jets fans, starting a bitter feud by calling them ignorant, making fun of their loyalty, and especially trading barbs with Jets superfan Fireman Ed.


Miami Shows Love For Wade, Haslem


One week after the Miami Heat threw a lavish surprise birthday party with more than 200 guests for free agent forward Udonis Haslem, the Miami-Dade County (FL) commissioners voted unanimously to rename the county Miami-Wade, a tribute to the Heat’s superstar free agent Dwyane Wade.

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