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Brett Lawrie Is Following Some Very Interesting Accounts On Twitter

By | 6 Comments

Brett Lawrie's latest Twitter follows would lead us to believe that he's a man who likes a big, ol' behind.


The Most Famous Butt In America Posed For America’s Fanciest Magazine

By | 15 Comments

Jen Selter's world-famous butt shares space on Vanity Fair's website with nine million stories about Princess Diana's death.


A Rapper Went To A 'Magic' Tournament And Took Pictures Of Every Exposed Butt

By | 10 Comments

Wanna find some hot butt pics? Don't go to a "Magic: The Gathering" tournament.


These New Adidas World Cup Shirts Will Finally Let The World Know How Much You Ass Brazil

By | 9 Comments

A pair of Adidas World Cup Brazil-themed shirts are causing a stir because they depict Brazil as a place full of sex and butts. Get mad, everybody!


Guess Which Body Part Emily Ratajkowski Used To Announce She’s In The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

By | 18 Comments

With a very special behind-the-scenes photo, model Emily Ratajkowski announced that she'll be in her first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue.


The Woman With The World-Famous Instagram Butt Gives Rare Video Interview

By | 26 Comments

What's it like to have Instagram's most famous butt? Ask Jen Selter.


This Woman’s Butt Has Nearly 1.5 Million Instagram Followers

By | 29 Comments

Nearly a million and a half people follow Jen Selter on Instagram. We can't imagine why...


Royal Antwerp’s Indoor Soccer Training Routine Is Something That Might Interest You

By | 12 Comments

The Royal Antwerp indoor soccer team prepared for this weekend's tournament with a rather unusual exercise to improve their shooting accuracy.

Butt controller

A Valve Employee Has Created A Controller You Use With Your Ass

By | 5 Comments

Is Half Life 3 going to be butt-controlled? Probably not, but it could be...


A New, Scandal-Free Miss Bum Bum Brazil Has Been Named

By | 9 Comments

After accusations of bribery and fixing the competition, the 2013 Miss Bum Bum Brazil pageant named a winner, and it wasn't one of the alleged cheaters.


Anastasia Ashley’s New Surfing Video Really Brought Out The Best In YouTube Commenters

By | 14 Comments

YouTube commenters had plenty to say about pro surfer Anastasia Ashley's newest video.


Florida Friday: A Tampa Woman Was Arrested For Stabbing A Man In The Butt At McDonald’s

By | 10 Comments

If you thought that the only danger of eating at McDonald’s was the chemicals used in preserving the so-called meat during the manufacturing and storage processes or listening to <a href="" target="_blank">Jennifer Aniston make fun of poor people</a>, haha, you are sorely mistaken.


Russian Man Literally Kicks Friend In The Ass, Kills Him

By | 4 Comments

A Russian man killed his friend after literally kicking him in the ass because of a fight they had.


With Leather’s Watch This: Ndamukong Suh Knows What He’s Watching

By | 19 Comments

It's Katherine Webb's ass in case you're confused as to what Ndamukong Suh is watching.


Baby Got Backbeat: Musician Uses Women's Butts As Drums

By | 7 Comments

It turns out that anything can be used as an instrument, including four women's butts.


Attention Grammy Attendees: CBS Would Like A Word About Your Boobs And Butts, Please

By | 32 Comments

CBS's Standards and Practices issued a "wardrobe advisory" regarding the 2013 Grammys, and it is the funniest thing CBS has done in years.


Justin Bieber Is Officially A ‘Crack’ Addict

By | 4 Comments

It's official: pop singer Justin Bieber is now a "crack" addict who loves butts, too.

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