The Taco Bell Restaurant That Started It All Is In Danger Of Being Demolished

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A conservancy group in Downey, California has reached out to Taco Bell for help in saving the fast food chain's very first restaurant.


The People Of San Luis Obispo Are Way Too Excited About This Guy’s DeLorean

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People in San Luis Obispo, California are way too excited about this fake Doc Brown's replica DeLorean.


Wine-O Grinches Stole $300,000 Worth Of Prime Vintage On Christmas


Some wine-o Grinches made off with $300,000 worth of wine on Christmas from Napa's Michelin-starred restaurant, The French Laundry.


Charles Manson Is Finally Getting Married To His 26-Year Old Girlfriend

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Charles Manson's devoted fan and self-proclaimed girlfriend says that she's marrying the 80-year old prisoner soon.


Robert Downey Jr. Even Makes Going To The DMV Seem Like An Awesome Time

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Is there anything that Robert Downey Jr. can do that doesn't look cool? Probably not.

online dating

They Met Online, Broke Up, And Then She Got Stuck In His Chimney

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Firefighters rescue a woman who got stuck in the chimney of a man that she went out with six times after meeting him online.


California Hopes To Save 67 Million Gallons Of Water With This Poop Joke


California is in the grips of a pretty serious drought, so one grassroots campaign is hoping to help with a poop joke.


The Winners And Losers Of The 2014 Surf City Surf Dog Competition


Sixty-five dogs hit the waves off Huntington Beach to help raise more than $6,000 for various dog charities.

#Video Games

A County In California Wants You To Trade In Your Violent Video Games For Ice Cream

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Marin County thinks it can solve its domestic violence issues by having people trade in their video games. Really.

Stupid Pranks

A California Woman Is In Deep Trouble Over What She Claims Were ‘Stupid Pranks’

By | 8 Comments

A California woman believes that signing a couple up for sex ads and sending strangers to their home were just 'stupid pranks.'


A Strong Magnitude 6.0 Earthquake Hit The Northern San Francisco Bay Area

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A strong earthquake shook the northern San Francisco Bay Area, causing damage and rattling nerves early this morning.


War Is Over: War Machine Has Been Captured And Arrested In California

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War Machine has been captured and arrested in California for the brutal beating of ex-girlfriend Christy Mack. No, Dog wasn't there.


Meet Einstein, The Serious Activist Dog That Is Running For Mayor Of Oakland


Even though he can't really run for office, Einstein is the Occupy dog that is making a name for himself in Oakland's mayoral race.


Here’s The California Great White Shark Attack Caught On Video

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The Manhattan Beach, California shark attack was caught on video


If You’re In The Market For A Scud Missile Or A Tank, We’ve Got The Auction For You


An auction in California will feature as many as 200 military tanks, vehicles and hardware from one man's ridiculous collection.


Meet Peanut, The 2014 World’s Ugliest Dog Who Is Truly The World’s Ugliest Dog

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The World's Ugliest Dog competition took place in California last Friday, and the big winner might be the most deserving mutt in history.

San Marino

The Poop-Throwing Mayor Of San Marino, California Is In A Steaming Heap Of Trouble


It's good to be the mayor, throwing dog poo where you please and making news with every movement.

Theme Parks

One Of The Walley World Roller Coasters From ‘National Lampoon’s Vacation’ Is Closing

By | 24 Comments

Six Flags Magic Mountain is closing the Colossus roller coaster after 36 years, which included a role in 'National Lampoon's Vacation.'

the future

California Is About To Become Home To The Self-Driving Car

By | 8 Comments

The self-driving car may soon have a friendly home in the Golden State.


And Now The Sriracha CEO Has Compared California To Communist Vietnam

By | 12 Comments

Huy Fong Foods CEO David Tran does what any CEO facing environmental restrictions would do, he compared the Gov't to Communists.

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