Another Reason Yelp Is Bullsh*t: A Company Is Paying People To Write Positive Reviews

By | 6 Comments

Even though Yelp sucks as a company, their user reviews are still totally trustworthy, right? Oh except for the fake ones.


Jimmy Haslam Drafted Johnny Manziel Because A Homeless Guy Told Him To

By | 3 Comments

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam claimed a homeless fan told him to draft Johnny Manziel last night, and everyone totally believes him.


Jon Stewart On The GOP’s Promise Of Bipartisanship: ‘Total Bullsh*t’

By | 44 Comments

Last night's Daily Show featured a classic Jon Stewart evisceration of Republicans who claim they're interesting in working with the president.


FYI, That Banker Breakup Email Floating Around Is Fake, Fake, FAKE!

By | 3 Comments

Over the past couple of days multiple people have emailed me and tweeted at me to bring my attention to an email currently floating around the web that was originally posted on Reddit.

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