This Squirrel Doesn’t Give A Crap About Your Fancy Human Cameras


One guy attached a GoPro camera to a piece of food, but this squirrel catches on.


Cringe At These Awkward Students Who Mistake A Video Camera For A Normal Camera

By | 3 Comments

They think they're posing for a camera, but actually, they're being filmed.


Wedding Photographer’s Quadcopter Drills Groom In The Face


A wedding photographer's quadcopter -- armed with a GoPro camera -- flies right into the side of the groom's head.


The Animal’s Guide To Taking The Perfect Selfie


If you need help improving your selfie game, look no further than the animal kingdom.

music festivals

This Is What Happens When You Leave A Camera On Your Car At Bonnaroo

By | 15 Comments

Here's a gallery of photos taken by Bonnaroo-goers, who saw a camera lying on a car.


Cancer Detecting Camera Costs $400


One of the biggest problems for doctors in the Third World or even just in rural areas is getting access to the advanced equipment they need to do things like find cancer cells or even just squint at whatever microbe they've found in someone's blood.

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