fighter jets

Watch (And Listen) To These Bros Lose Their Minds When A Fighter Jet Flies By

Having your commune with nature disturbed by a jet engine breaking a sound barrier ain't half bad.

WWE TLC 2014

Who Is This WWE Employee, And Why Can’t He Stop Watching Camping Videos?


The guy in charge of watching the video feeds at WWE TLC seems to have a history of heading to YouTube while on the job.


Here’s A Guy Getting Attacked By A Rabid Bat During A Campground Jam Session


This is why camping is not fun and anyone who says otherwise is a lying a-hole.


Stoking a Fire With a Motorcycle

An enterprising biker uses his motorcycle to fan the flames of a dying campfire.


Campfire Cologne

If your life leaves you longing for the great outdoors, consider infusing your musk with some Campfire Cologne.


Where Was B.P.R.D. Training Camp (AKA Hellboy Camp) When We Were Kids?

Trackers Earth, Mike Mignola, and Dark Horse Comics are opening a B.

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