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It’s Canada Day! Celebrate Our Neighbors Up North With This Batch Of SECRET History & Totally True Facts!

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Here's the REAL history of Canada Day, as well as LITERALLY MIND-BLOWING fascinating facts about our neighborly neighbors to the north!


A Proud American Beautifully Trolled His Canadian Buddy With This Canada Day Cake

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Impressive trolling skills are on display with this Canada Day cake passed from an American to a Canadian.

canada day

20 Great GIFs Provided By Our Neighors To The North On Canada Day

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A collection of the greatest GIFs from Canadians on Canada Day.


Today, We All Love Tim Hortons: 10 Images That Celebrate Canada Day

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Dear Canada, Today is You Day, which rumor has it involves eating pounds of poutine and drinking gallons of Labatt Blue.

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