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Good News, Binge-Drinking Bros: ‘Alcohockey’ Combines Air Hockey With Booze

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A Canadian man has invented 'Alcohockey,' taking beer pong to the next level by involving the always awesome game of air hockey.


If You Haven’t Heard David Thibault’s Cover Of ‘Blue Christmas’ Yet, You Need To Now

By | 3 Comments

Sixteen-year old David Thibault became an Internet star this week after he performed his uncanny cover of Elvis's 'Blue Christmas' on the radio.


Watch An Airline You’ve Probably Never Heard Of Make Christmas Wishes Come True For Its Customers

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An airline, WestJet, acting as Santa Claus? This Christmas miracle is real and it's spectacular.


Ron Burgundy Did Curling Color Commentary And Sweet Lincoln’s Mullet Was It Great

By | 12 Comments

Anchorman Ron Burgundy made good on his promise to do color commentary for Canada's Olympic curling trials. (Video)


Don’t Act Like You’re Not Impressed: Ron Burgundy Is Going To Canada To Do Curling Color Commentary

By | 13 Comments

Will Ferrell's Anchorman, Ron Burgundy, is headed to Winnipeg to do commentary for the Tim Horton's Roar Of The Rings curling championships.


Here’s The Best College Basketball Anti-Showboating Video Of The Week

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If you're going to do a little showboating on defense in a game of basketball, make sure it's not before your opponent hits the game-winner in your face.


Nothing To See Here. Just Rob Ford Stampeding Over A Toronto City Councilwoman, That’s All.

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Here's video of Rob Ford bulldozing some poor woman. No context needed. It's just Rob Ford being Rob Ford.


SNL: Rob Ford Interview


<a href="">FULL RECAP: SNL HOSTED BY LADY GAGA</a> Toronto mayor Rob Ford discusses his drug use and its potential ramifications with a Toronto news station.


Rob Ford Is Getting His Own Reality TV Show

By | 15 Comments

Well, you knew this was coming. I mean, how could Rob Ford not have a reality TV show?


Here’s Video Of Rob Ford In A CFL Jersey Denying Eating P*ssy During A Live Press Conference

By | 30 Comments

I'll give Toronto mayor Rob Ford this: if there's one thing the guy knows how to do, it's up the ante on pure lunacy.


An Important Discussion About The 1979 Pilot Of The Canadian Television Show ‘The Littlest Hobo’

By | 58 Comments

This show features a dog parachuting out of a plane during a violent storm to deliver medicine to a sick little boy. It is amazing.


The Iron Sheik Wants To Humble Toronto Mayor/Crackhead Rob Ford, Naturally

By | 12 Comments

Insane former WWF Champion Iron Sheik marched on Toronto to challenge crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford to a fight, and/or to become the new mayor.


Somebody Comfort Drake: The Toronto Raptors Mascot Tore His Achilles Doing A Backflip


The Toronto Raptors mascot tore his Achilles doing a backflip at a promotional event and will be out for the reason. Somewhere, Drake needs a hug.


Halifax Police Arrested A Parrot Stealing Juggalo, But His Accomplice Is Still At Large

By | 19 Comments

On Monday night, two men <a href="" target="_blank">walked into a pet store in Halifax</a>.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 9/9/13: You Will Never Forget The Name Of [Name Redacted]

By | 210 Comments

Pre-show notes: - There are a pair of live reports on the last page, so make sure you stick around and read those.


‘Total Divas’ Episode 5 Recap: Birthday, Birthday, Birthday, Birthday, BIRTHDAY!

By | 23 Comments

In this episode of E!'s Total Divas, it is Natalya's birthday. Also, it's her birthday. ALSO, IT'S HER BIRTHDAY.


So That Rob Ford Vs. Hulk Hogan Arm Wrestling Match Happened

By | 10 Comments

Yesterday we reported that Toronto's crack smoking, <a href="" target="_blank">football failing</a> mayor Rob Ford was going to face WWE Hall Of Famer/TNA Wrestling Biker Gang Hater Hulk Hogan in <a href="" target="_blank">an arm wrestling exhibition to promote Fan Expo Canada</a>.

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