If You Didn’t Watch ‘Ground Floor,’ You Weren’t The Only One. TBS Just Canceled It.

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While TBS has been doing its best to be one of television's top homes for comedy, it sadly can't make everything work.


The Next 7 Freshman Series Most Likely To Be Canceled By The Broadcast Networks

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These seven network shows are already hanging on for their dear lives.


Fox Finally Pulls The Plug On Its $50 Million TV Experiment

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And now we have our fourth cancellation of the fall.


It Looks Like NBC Has Some Bad News For ‘A To Z’ And ‘Bad Judge’ Fans

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NBC has pulled the plug on 'Bad Judge' and 'A to Z' but they aren't going to be going anywhere for a little while.


And The Award For First Canceled Show Of The Season Goes To ‘Manhattan Love Story’

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ABC has drawn first blood in the war between awful rookie TV shows and innocent viewers with the fall's first cancellation.

#Impact Wrestling

The Truth About Impact Wrestling’s Cancellation And What It Means For The Future Of TNA

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Impact Wrestling has been canceled. Here's the straight, non-dirt sheets explanation why, and what TNA needs to do going forward.

#Impact Wrestling

The Internet Is Dancing On TNA Impact’s Grave With #TNAGOTCANCELLEDBECAUSE

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TNA Impact Wrestling has been canceled, and these random people on the Internet know why.


Fox Canceled Its Big Sexy Egyptian Series ‘Hieroglyph’ Before The First Episode Even Aired

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Fox shut down production on "Hieroglyph" after filming one episode that will never make it to air. Is that bad?


TBS Has Cancelled ‘The Pete Holmes Show’

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TBS has axed one of the best skit delivering shows in late night, 'The Pete Holmes Show'


Good News: Fox Axed ‘Dads.’ Bad News: ‘Enlisted’ And ‘Surviving Jack,’ Too.

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'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' was the only freshman Fox series to avoid the ax today, as the network canceled three first season shows.

piers morgan tonight

CNN’s ‘Piers Morgan Tonight’ Is Getting Canceled Because No One Watches It

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CNN's 'Piers Morgan Tonight' is getting canceled because Piers Morgan and CNN agree it should end. Also, ratings.


The 12 Network Shows Most Likely To Be Cancelled

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Cancellation Watch: A quick look at the network shows most unlikely to make it back next fall.


NBC Has Pulled The Plug On ‘The Michael J. Fox Show’

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NBC has canceled the third of its new Thursday night series, as 'The Michael J. Fox Show' has unbelievably ended.


Aaaaaaaaaand We Have Our First Cancellation Of The 2013 TV Season

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ABC has decided to cancel "Lucky 7" after only two episodes.


USA Network May Pick Up ‘Happy Endings’ If ABC Cancels It

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The classic group gang hang over on 'Happy Endings' may be changing networks next year.

Mike White

HBO Cancelled ‘Enlightened’ Last Night And No One Seems To Be Happy About It

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Seriously, internet? You guys were batsh*t crazy about HBO's "Enlightened" all this time and we barely knew about it?


‘Tron: Uprising’ Likely Aired Its Last Episode Last Night, Thanks To Disney’s Fear Of Bronies

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'Tron: Uprising' was a great show that Disney is going out of its way to kill, largely because it fears adults are watching.


Three More TV Shows Get The Axe, Sadly None Are ‘Revolution’

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Two network shows, and MTV's 'The Inbetweeners' get sh*tcanned.


‘Anderson’ Canceled. Now Who Will Condescend Famewhores?

By | 4 Comments

Star Jones can finally come out of the hidey-hole that Anderson Cooper berated her into.

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