The 12 Canceled Shows with Higher Ratings than NBC's 'Community'

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We give an enormous amount of crap to NBC for its treatment of "Community" and the way it is often promoted the show, and perhaps the crap is deserved.


Woo Woo! Let's Celebrate 'Cougar Town's' TBS Renewal with Laurie Keller's Best GIFs

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As had been rumored earlier in the week, ABC has officially canceled "Cougar Town," and TBS has swooped in and renewed the show for two more seasons of 15 episodes apiece.


Hard-On Harry Can't Catch a Break: Fox Yanks 'Breaking In.' Again.

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Last year, Fox debuted Christian Slater's private security sitcom, "Breaking In," at mid-season, and the show was actually pretty great.


Fox Cancels the Dullest Time-Travel Killer Dinosaur Sci-Fi Series of All Time

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People who complain bitterly about "The Walking Dead" might complain less so if they had "Terra Nova" as a comparison point.


After 8 Years, Gregory House, M.D. Will Rule Out His Last Lupus Diagnosis

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Bummer news for those who still watch Fox's "House," the medical procedural unofficially and loosely based on Sherlock Holmes, as the show has been canceled, effective at the end of the season.


5 Reasons Firefly Was Lucky to Get Cancelled

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Before Browncoats appear at our offices with torches and pitchforks, let us just say that yes, we are huge, huge fans of "Firefly".

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Which SF TV Shows Will Survive 2011? Or 2012?


Well, it's that time of the year, the time of the year when networks look at the load of random stuff they've dumped on our plates and seeing if we've eaten any of it, or if they're going to have to rummage around in the kitchen and find some new stuff.

Joss Whedon


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One month ago, I set the over-under on episodes of Kelsey Grammer's "Hank" that would air at 5.

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