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Pro Wrestlers Got Together To Help The 5-Year Old Cancer Patient Who Asked The World For Birthday Cards

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Bill Goldberg heard about Danny Nickerson, a 5-year old with cancer who wants birthday cards, and decided to get him the best card ever.


An Oregon Teen With Brain Cancer Just Crossed A Strip Club Off His Bucket List. Next Up? A UFC Fight.

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A 19-year old brain cancer patient in Oregon is trying to complete his bucket list, and after going to a strip club, he wants to attend a UFC fight next.


A Wrestler's Gesture Of Sportsmanship To His Opponent's Dying Father Will Touch Your Heart

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Malik Stewart lost his 120-pound state championship match, but earned fans for his gesture of sportsmanship to his opponent's father, a man with cancer.


A Surfing Dog Granted A Wish For A 15-Year Old With Brain Cancer And Whoops We’re Sobbing

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Ricochet the surfing dog granted a wish to a 15-year old with brain cancer, and here's video of them surfing together and oh my god we're sobbing.


Daniel Bryan Reunited With Stone Crusher, The Kid With Brain Cancer Who Tapped Him Out

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WWE's Daniel Bryan reunited with the kid with brain cancer who tapped him out during a visit last December. Long live the Stone Crusher.


Today's Best News: 8-Year Old Nebraska Cornhusker Jack Hoffman's Cancer Is In Remission


Jack Hoffman, the then-7-year old cancer patient who participated in Nebraska's spring game and ran in a touchdown, found out his cancer is in remission.


Allergy Alert: A 4-Year Old Leukemia Patient Sang ‘God Bless America’ At A Red Sox Game

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4-year old leukemia patient Darla Halloway sang a perfect rendition of 'God Bless America' before Tuesday's Red Sox game. Oh God, my heart!


A 12-Year Old Ohio State Fan Beat Cancer, Which He Called ‘Michigan’

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Thanks to our favorite young college football fan, Jack Hoffman, we’ve already had one truly inspirational story this year involving someone battling a life-threatening illness while using sports as a positive influence for recovery.


Tim Tebow Caught In Sordid Dating Scandal!!!

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File this under: News that was buried because it didn't involve love triangles with Katy Perry and Kim Kardashian or bromances with Jeremy Lin.


Philly Fans Boo Anti-Cancer Ad, Cliches Abound

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During the hockey game between the Philadelphia Flyers and Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday night, the Flyers ran the above commercial, titled "Hockey Fights Cancer," on their Jumbotron.


Is Aaron Rodgers An Epic A**hole?

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers may have trounced the Atlanta Falcons 48-21 on Saturday, but it’s his pregame behavior that is earning him A**hole of the Week awards from many sites around these here interwebs.

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