Is Your Cola Giving You Cancer? We Explain.

By | 14 Comments

Yes, your soda may be giving you cancer. But the situation is far different from what the hype is making it sound like.

3D printing

World’s Greatest Husband Used A 3D Printer To Save His Wife’s Eyesight

By | 6 Comments

Michael Balzer used his skills to save his wife from invasive brain surgery. He is automatically a better spouse than you.


On Stuart Scott, Cancer And Praying For A Childhood Hero

By | 75 Comments

In honor of Stuart Scott in the wake of the legendary ESPN anchor's passing.


The Cause Of The Majority Of Cancers? ‘Bad Luck’.

By | 6 Comments

Some of the most dangerous cancers out there are pretty much a roll of the dice, according to new research.


Venerable Newsman Tom Brokaw Has Kicked Cancer’s Ass

By | 5 Comments

The longtime anchor of NBC Nightly news delivers great news as he heads into 2015.


John Wall Broke Down Crying In An Emotional Postgame Interview Following The Death Of His Young Friend

By | 5 Comments

John Wall Broke Down Crying In An Emotional Postgame Interview Following The Death Of His Young Friend


Meet The Teen Who Was Allegedly Fired For Requesting Time Off For Cancer Treatment

By | 8 Comments

Jonathan Larson asked for six weeks off. Rosebud told him not to come back instead. Now Larson wants an apology from the restaurant.


Watch The World’s Coolest Dad Dress Up As Spider-Man For His Sick Son

By | 6 Comments

Father dresses up as Spider-Man, leaps off the roof, and surprises his terminally-ill son. He also turns on his wife in the process.


MTV Reality Star Diem Brown Loses Her Battle With Cancer At 32

By | 19 Comments

The MTV reality star passed away today after being diagnosed with colon cancer earlier this year.


Frotcast 224: ‘Gone Girl’ And Cool Girls With Jane Harrison, And That Time Bret Thought Ben’s Girlfriend Died

By | 16 Comments

We discuss Gone Girl, and that time Ben's girlfriend faked cancer and Bret assumed she had died.

Feeling Nuts

#FeelingNuts Is The Viral Trend That Has Actors Grabbing Their Balls For Testicular Cancer Awareness

By | 4 Comments

The UK's Check One Two is asking male celebs like Hugh Jackman and Ricky Gervais to grab their junk for testicular cancer awareness.


Your Selfie Could Soon Double As A Cancer Test

By | 5 Comments

Thanks to polarized light, and the mantis shrimp, soon your smartphone could be administering cancer tests.


The Championship Penny Hardaway Won Means More Than Any NBA Title Ever Could

By | 13 Comments

Whatever happened to Penny Hardaway? He's busy saving a life and renewing purpose in his own. That's what.


The Cincinnati Bengals Keep Devon Still On Their Practice Squad For The Greatest Reason Ever

By | 10 Comments

The NFL's has its fair share of negative publicity right now. This isn't that.


The Bengals Signed A Player To The Practice Squad So He Could Pay For His Daughter’s Cancer Treatment

By | 3 Comments

The Cincinnati Bengals did something very nice and heartwarming for defensive tackle Devon Still and his daughter.


Taylor Swift Surprised A Young Cancer Patient With A Private Concert And A Round Of Air Hockey

By | 6 Comments

Taylor Swift surprised six-year-old cancer patient Jordan Lee Nickerson at Boston Children's Hospital. Here's the touching video.


What Stuart Scott’s ESPYs Speech Can Teach Us About Dealing With Cancer

By | 8 Comments

How Scott's speech reminded me of my friend, the fighter.


Stuart Scott’s ESPY Awards Speech About Battling Cancer Will Leave You Inspired, In Tears

By | 10 Comments

Stuart Scott was honored with the Jimmy V Perseverence Award at the 2014 ESPY Awards, and gave a beautiful speech about fighting cancer.

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