Rest In Peace Stewie, Heaven Needed A World’s Longest Cat

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Here's a story that will make you laugh, then cry, then want to find like four cats and tie them together and try to make things right.


Scientists Are Using HIV To Kill Cancer

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Yes, science is trying to give cancer AIDS. Sort of.


The Indianapolis Colts Are A Classy Bunch

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First the good news – doctors say that Indianapolis Colts coach Chuck Pagano is progressing wonderfully in his battle with leukemia, and they’ve even declared that he’s in remission.


RIP, Run Wrake, the most talented dude you’ve never heard of

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British animator Run Wrake died from cancer at the age of 47 over the weekend, and when I heard about it today I asked myself, "Why does that name sound familiar.


Breast Exam-O-Gram


Who says there's no such thing as a whimsical breast exam.


The Best And Worst Of WWE Raw 9/17/12: Brought To You By Garbage Food

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Pre-show notes: - If you guys don't mind clicking the like button on this post or sharing it on Twitter, I'd be greatly appreciative.


Okay, maybe Tony Scott DIDN'T have brain cancer

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After director Tony Scott <a href="" target="_blank">jumped off</a> the Vincent Thomas Bridge in Long Beach on Sunday, a lot of us were like "Huh, maybe he had cancer or something," because it's nice when people who commit suicide have a reason.


Tony Scott had inoperable brain cancer

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UPDATE: Cancer rumor <a href="" target="_blank">debunked</a>.


This Week In Damn It Y'All, These Ain't Tears


Richie Reynolds was recently diagnosed with terminal cancer, and his doctors told him that he has between 6 months and a year left to live.


Coffee May Stop Skin Cancer

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Apparently, three cups of coffee a day will do three things: speed up the digestive process to an uncomfortable degree, make you awake enough to actually do your job, and stop skin cancer.


Manny Ramirez Quits The A's, Does These Drugs, Has Cancer Hair

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Manny Ramirez asked the Oakland Athletics to release him from his minor league contract on Friday, and they obliged.

#arrested development

Pat Riley's Girl Doesn't Sound Great


This makes me want to plug my ears with my fingers and shout-sing DO WAH DIDDY DIDDY DUM DIDDY DO.


5 Directions Medicine Can Go In Now That Cancer Is Toast

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You may not have heard, but the clock is officially ticking for cancer.

wonder drugs

Got Cancer? Start Taking Aspirin


Ahhhh, the humble acetylsalicylic acid, found in tree bark, later refined into aspirin, and dumped as a painkiller for more advanced acetominophen and ibuprofen.


Tiquan Underwood’s Hair Stole The Show At Super Bowl Media Day

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As we’ve already discussed, the week of Super Bowl XLVI has already started off with the standard, lazy storylines of guarantees and misconstrued words, with Tom Brady and Antrel Rolle providing the cannon fodder for the media thus far.


Keeping Cancer Sexy: Superheroines Self-Examine Their Breasts

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<a href="">Maísa Chaves</a> made four Superhero-themed breast cancer awareness ads for the DDB Mozambique agency with funding from the Associação da Luta Contra o Cancer (ALCC) in Mozambique.

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