Mars Is Bringing Back Crispy M&M’s Because Of ‘Nearly Daily’ Demands

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Gone for almost nine years, Crispy M&M's are coming back in January thanks to reportedly constant demands from consumers.


These Korean Kids Tried Warheads Candy For The First Time And Their Reactions Are Priceless

By | 7 Comments

These children learn what Warheads are...and probably will never want to eat them again.

Sugar Blowing

Street Vendor Uses Hot Sugar To Blow Goats (And Other Animal Shapes)

By | 4 Comments

This street artist in Xi'an, China blows hot sugar into animal shapes to make incredible candy for local children.


The New Lemonheads Candy Mascot Is Going To Give Your Children Nightmares

By | 18 Comments

The Ferrara Candy Co. gave the Lemonhead mascot a makeover and the result is a grown up man with an actual lemon for his head.


A Peeps Movie Is Going To Happen Because Hollywood Is Optioning Candy Now

By | 21 Comments

Adam Rifkin has optioned the Easter candy Peeps for a movie that sounds just like 'The LEGO Movie.'


As Far As Clothes Made Of Candy Go, The Marshawn Lynch Skittles Jersey Is A Thing Of Beauty


Because Marshawn Lynch likes Skittles a lot, a Marshawn Lynch Skittles jersey exists. A jersey made out of Skittles. He likes them a lot!


The German Candy That Allows You To Eat An Ass With Ears

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"A... mit Ohren" AKA Arsch mit Ohren AKA Ass with Ears are apparently delectable treats in Germany, because why wouldn't they be?


The New Trend All The Cool Kids Are Doing: Snorting Smarties

By | 28 Comments

All the coolest kids are snorting Smarties. Or the dumbest. We're not sure which.


Halloween Treats Gone Wrong


Crest replaced kids' Halloween candy with veggie-flavored treats.


38 Sweet Facts About Candy


Do you know how many licks it takes to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop.


Japanese Toilet Candy


Eating this bizarre toilet-themed candy from Japan is an extremely tedious process.


Lollipop Street Artist


This sweet-toothed caricature artist has some serious skill.


Children Climb Wall For Candy


Avery and Logan's dad is fine with them eating candy, as long as they earn it.


Sweat The Rainbow


Working for the Man is even worse when he's eating all the Skittles you're sweating.


Pimped Out Product Placement: The Most Ridiculous Donk Cars To Hit The Road

By | 2 Comments

If you live in the Southeastern United States, there's a good chance that you're familiar with the term "Donk" and its relationship to automobiles.


Crackheads For Sale

By | 18 Comments

As part of a class assignment I had the arduous task of covering the <a href="">Chicago All Candy Expo</a> last week.

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