A New Netflix Documentary Alleges That Michael Rockefeller Was Eaten By ‘Stone Age Savages’

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'The Search For Michael Rockefeller' gives an eyewitness report that the missing son of Nelson Rockefeller was eaten alive in New Guinea.


A Restaurant In Nigeria Offering Roasted Human Heads On The Menu Has Been Shut Down By Police, Obviously

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A restaurant in Nigeria was closed by police because it served HUMAN HEADS. Check, please.


A Year-Long Chess Match In Ireland Ended In Brutal Cannibalism

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Chess proves to be a dangerous game for those involved as you can tell with this game in Ireland that ended in murder and cannibalism.


The Man Who Had His Face Eaten Off By The ‘Miami Cannibal’ Is Doing Well, All Things Considered

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Check in with Ronald Poppo, who had his face bitten off by the man affectionately known as the "Miami Cannibal."


Canada’s Gay Porn Star Cannibal Fainted During His Murder Trial

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In what I can only assume is being called Canada’s trial of the century, porn actor Luka Magnotta had a strong emotional and physical reaction to a video that he watched during his murder trial on Tuesday, as he asked the judge for a 5-minute recess before collapsing and curling up in the fetal position.


The Florida Face-Eater Was Clearly a 'CSI' Fan

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I'm endlessly fascinated with the story of Rudy Eugene, the 31-year-old Florida resident who was shot to death by a police officer this weekend in Florida after chomping on the face of 65-year-old homeless man Ronald Poppo.


Update: The Dutch Are Liars

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Yesterday I brought you the disgusting news that two Dutch TV hosts had dined on chunks of each other's flesh as part of a horrifying experiment/stunt.


The Dutch Are Gross

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I've been staring at a blinking cursor for ten minutes trying to come up with the words to set this clip up, but I got nothing.

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