A New Netflix Documentary Alleges That Michael Rockefeller Was Eaten By ‘Stone Age Savages’

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'The Search For Michael Rockefeller' gives an eyewitness report that the missing son of Nelson Rockefeller was eaten alive in New Guinea.


Here’s The Artist That Claims He Made A Fancy Meal Out Of His Own Hip

By | 7 Comments

Is this guy a regular Hannibal Lecter or was he just a curious guy with an opportunity?


A Restaurant In Nigeria Offering Roasted Human Heads On The Menu Has Been Shut Down By Police, Obviously

By | 7 Comments

A restaurant in Nigeria was closed by police because it served HUMAN HEADS. Check, please.


The Man Who Had His Face Eaten Off By The ‘Miami Cannibal’ Is Doing Well, All Things Considered

By | 17 Comments

Check in with Ronald Poppo, who had his face bitten off by the man affectionately known as the "Miami Cannibal."


Here's A Good Way To Get Shot: Dress Up As A Zombie And Chase Miami Residents

By | 2 Comments

Ever since news broke about the so-called "South Beach Cannibal" eating off a man's face hit the internet, the internet has predictably responded by toeing the line between good and bad taste in its efforts to make light of one of the more horrendous news stories of the 21st century.

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