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A Captain Planet Movie is Still In the Works. Oh Good.

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If you ever watched Avatar and thought "Hey, this isn't nearly nuanced or PC enough," good news.


Don Cheadle Returns As A Psychotic Captain Planet, And Trees Are Still His Jam

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Remember when Don Cheadle awesomely played a psychotic version of Captain Planet for Funny or Die last year? He's back for more planetary revenge.


Captain Planet (Fan-Made Trailer)


After ten years apart, the Planeteers reunite in this live-action trailer made by fans.


Morning Links, Good On The Very Last Play

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Links God Helps Those Who Get Helped By Great Defense And Mistakes By The Opposition - Tim Tebow teaches us that for all the stats and arguments in the world, all you have to do to succeed is win football games.

very special episode

5 Captain Planet Episodes That Went Horribly Wrong

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We all fondly remember Captain Planet as a show that taught us about environmentalism, saving the Earth, and how it's OK to make fun of a superhero if his power sucks (too bad for you, Ma-Ti.


Here’s A Supercut Of Anti-Drug PSAs In 80s and 90s Sitcoms


You guys, you probably already know this, but drugs are bad.

William Moseley

Watch: Don Cheadle As A Bizarro Captain Planet

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Anyone old enough to remember the crime-fighting, recycling, Earth Day heroics of Captain Planet should appreciate the sheer ignorance of this spoof.


Don Cheadle’s Rock Hard Captain Planet Is Rock Hard, Hilarious


Remember the '90s animated series Captain Planet -- the show about an environmentalist superhero that was the brainchild of billionaire media mogul Ted Turner.


Haha, Don Cheadle is Captain Planet! …You know they’re actually making this, right?

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This video of Don Cheadle playing a sociopathic, unhinged version of Captain Planet is easily the best thing I've seen from Funny or Die in months, for reasons not the least of which being that they made the 'Heart' ring guy borderline retarded, just like I always imagined him.


Don Cheadle as Captain Planet

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That quote's all you really need to know about this Funny or Die video starring Don Cheadle as Captain Planet (embedded below).


A Captain Planet Movie: Are You Guys Sure About This One?

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Even Captain Planet knows this is a waste of resources.


Morning Links: Cavs Vs. Cubs

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A few things, because this worked well on the wrestling post.


Call James Cameron, they’re planning a Captain Planet movie

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Cartoon Network announced today that they'll be teaming up with Angry Film Works to produce a live-action feature film version of Captain Planet.


5 Weird "Captain Planet" Episodes You Probably Don't Remember

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Have you heard this one before? Captain Planet and Hitler walk into a bar... and someone makes an episode out of it.

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