What’s On Tonight (And Tomorrow): New Year’s Eve Countdowns, Football Bowl Games, And TV Marathons

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Spend New Year's Eve with Ryan Seacrest and New Year's Day with college football bowl games and a 'Fargo' marathon.

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Jimmy Kimmel Sold A Pilot About Carson Daly’s Life To ABC

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Jimmy Kimmel is getting into the sitcom game now, as he's writing the pilot for a series based on his friend Carson Daly's life.

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A Surprising Ranking Of The Late Night Talk Shows Based On Their Nielsen Ratings

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To no one's surprise, Jimmy Fallon is number one in late night. But you may be surprised by who is number three.

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James Earl Jones Made The Lamest ‘Star Wars’ Joke Cool On ‘The Today Show’

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James Earl Jones is promoting 'Driving Miss Daisy,' but couldn't resist using his memorable voice to joke about his 'Star Wars' past.


Natasha Leggero Refreshingly Refuses To Apologize For A Pearl Harbor Joke She Made

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Props to Natasha Leggero, who won't make a forced apology for an "offensive" joke she made.


Your Mother Can Rest Easy, Adam Levine Is Officially People’s ‘Sexiest Man Alive.’

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We now know that Adam Levine is officially sexiest man alive, closing yet another exciting chapter in this blogger's life.


The 10 Most Memorable Rap Moments On MTV’s ‘TRL’

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Saturday will mark five years since MTV aired its last episode of Total Request Live, so let's journey down memory lane and celebrate with the 10 greatest Hip-Hop moments in the show's history.


Face Mashups: Al Roker & Carson Daly


Al Roker and Carson Daly get the always creepily entertaining Face Mashup treatment.


Alec Baldwin May Replace Carson Daly On NBC’s Late Night Schedule (And The Morning Links)

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Looks like a complete overhaul in the NBC late night schedule, as Alec Baldwin's name has been tossed into the mix.


Your Guide To The Specials You Should Or Shouldn’t Watch On New Year’s Eve

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We'll tell you which channel to watch on New Year's Eve so you don't have to think.


Carson Daly Apologizes for Being a Homophobic Douchebag, Still a Douchebag

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Carson Daly, host of "The Voice," as well as "Last Call with Carson Daly," a late-night talk show that no one in the history of the world has actually ever seen, has apologized for homophobic comments he made yesterday on his L.


Conan in 2002: “I’ll Never Inflict My Guitar-Playing on My Audience”

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Conan O'Brien closed his final "Tonight Show" by playing rhythm guitar while Will Ferrell sang "Freebird," then made his guitar skills a key part of his live tour, going so far as to record a song with Jack White in Nashville this summer, which they played together last night on Conan's first TBS show.

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Mike Posner – One Foot Out The Door Mixtape

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At this time last year, if you would've told me the new mixtape from a white suburbanite, Southfield, MI Pop producer/singer named Mike Posner would make my most anticipated releases of 2009 list, I would have laughed straight in your face.

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Video: B.o.B On Last Call With Carson Daly

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After a seemingly slow day yesterday, I woke up this morning and there was way too much material in the inbox.

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On New Year's Eve, super tool Ryan Seacrest* introduced a "new" clip from "super producer" JJ Abrams' Cloverfield.



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Due to the fact that there’s still no vacuous mouth-breather union, Carson Daly never has to worry about crossing any picket lines.

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