Florida Friday: You Can Now Buy Casey Anthony’s Clothes For $800 A Pop


The website Serial Killer Ink has been selling some of Casey Anthony's clothing items and accessories for as much as $800 each.

TMZ Is The Worst

TMZ Wants To Know Which Murder Suspect You’d Rather Bang Because Ugh


TMZ asks a timely question: would you sleep with Jodi Arias, Amanda Knox or Casey Anthony? Sigh.


At Least 30 Dead In The Great Florida Python Whacking Day(s) Of 2013


Despite hundreds of hunters from around the country currently participating, the Florida Python Challenge has resulted in just 30 dead snakes so far.

nancy grace

Great News For Journalism

Remember the Casey Anthony trial.


Toddler Murder + NCAA + ??? = Profit


The new American Dream is all about getting famous for something awful or accidental, then milking it for the rest of your life.

Toni Kukoc

8.1 The Cooler


Kathy Perez Lauryn Hill Back To Work After Birth of New Baby [C&D] DMX Reality Show Is Officially In The Works [Complex] The 6 Monsters You'll Have as Roommates College Humor Is Casey Anthony Taking A Page Out Of O.


Casey Anthony’s Legal Team Monitored Social Media & Blogs To Shape Her Defense

For decades, attorneys have used focus groups in the form of mock juries to test how they should and shouldn't present a case in court.


Dexter Reacts To The Casey Anthony Verdict (Now With Videos)

Unless you've been in a coma, you already know Dexter is a Showtime series in which Michael C.


Adam Sandler’s new trailer and headlines


Here's the trailer for Jack and Jill, starring Adam Sandler.

#LeBron James

Morning Links: Disreputable Ohioans


If LeBron James hadn't spent so long in Cleveland, I think this lady would be the worst person to ever rep Ohio.

nancy grace

Nancy Grace Took That Well


As already noted, I was completely in the dark about the Casey Anthony trial until yesterday afternoon, largely because I avoid cable news even more than showers and pants.


Dexter on the Casey Anthony Verdict


Until yesterday afternoon, I had never heard of Casey Anthony.


@Storytime with Darnell Dockett Part 2: The Casey Anthony Trial


Arizona Cardinals defensive tackle Darnell Dockett is a Renaissance Man.


Morning Links: Must Drink SoBe

"meh, she's just alright" - The Internet Sports Kate Upton is Good At Commercials - I'm pretty happy that the hottest woman ever's first real moment of celebrity was posing in Sports Illustrated, which has a big SPORTS on the cover, which means I can post her here all I want and it counts as sports.


The Casey Anthony Trial As Told By Twitter Parody Accounts

If you’re unfamiliar with the 140-character world of Twitter, then you’re probably unaware that there are thousands of celebrity parody accounts currently providing cheap laughs for their followers.


Anonymous: ‘We’re Going To Disney World!’

At 10 AM ET today, the hacker group Anonymous shut down the website for Orlando Florida Guide as a show of support for the homeless activist group Food Not Bombs, as members have recently been arrested for violating an Orlando ordinance that requires a permit to share food in public places.


Dwight Howard Has Been Dragged Into The Casey Anthony Case


Jeff Ashton is quickly making a name for himself in the legal world as the Assistant State Attorney prosecuting the Casey Anthony case in Orlando, Florida, which I refuse to call the “Trial of the Century” because I still have faith that a former professional athlete can eventually top this.

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