What’s Really Going On With The Jas Prince Vs. Cash Money Lawsuit Over Drake?

By | 16 Comments

A look at Jas Prince suing Cash Money records and his interview with TMZ


Lil Wayne Just Lost A Legal Battle Over Money And Accounting Practices And It’s Not The One You’re Thinking About

By | 16 Comments

Lil Wayne and Young Money lost a $90K legal battle with producer Reo over his work on 'Tha Carter IV.'


Lil Wayne’s ‘Free Weezy Album’ Slated To Release Next Month

By | 9 Comments

Lil Wayne talks Cash Money, Birdman, 'Tha Carter V' and 'Free Weezy Album.'


Cash Money’s Reportedly Being Sued By Jas Prince, Too

By | 24 Comments

The man credited with discovering Drake is suing Cash Money Records over unpaid royalties.


Rap-A-Lot’s J. Prince Sends Warning Shots At Puffy, Birdman And Suge Knight Not To Mess With Drake

By | 28 Comments

Rap-A-Lot's J. Prince issues a stern statement to anyone who wants to test Drake.


Turk Alleges He Never Received Any Royalty Payments From Cash Money Records

By | 10 Comments

Turk opens up about why he's finally sued Cash Money Records

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While You Were Sleeping, Birdman Was Denied Entry To Nicki Minaj’s Grammy Party

By | 37 Comments

Birdman denied entrance into Nicki Minaj's Pre-Grammy party in Los Angeles


Former Hot Boy Turk Is Reportedly Suing Cash Money Records, Too

By | 16 Comments

Former Cash Money artist Turk is suing the label for $1.3 million.

Lil Wayne

Here’s Lil Wayne’s Full 21-Page Lawsuit Against Cash Money Records

By | 36 Comments

A look at the 21-page lawsuit Lil Wayne filed against Cash Money Records.

Nicki Minaj

Lil Wayne’s Cash Money Exit Strategy Includes Taking Drake And Nicki Minaj With Him

By | 41 Comments

Lil Wayne reportedly wants to take Drake and Nicki Minaj with him if he leaves Cash Money Records.

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne Reportedly Suing Birdman And Cash Money For $8 Million

By | 52 Comments

Lil Wayne's reportedly ready to go to court to have 'Tha Carter V' released and himself freed from Cash Money Records.


Cortez Bryant Vents His Frustrations On The Lil Wayne-Cash Money Situation

By | 39 Comments

Lil Wayne's manager Cortez Bryant vents about his artist's current label situation.

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Mack Maine Starts The Campaign To Free Lil Wayne’s ‘Tha Carter V’

By | 26 Comments

Mack Maine tweets asking for Cash Money to release Lil Wayne's 'Tha Carter V.'


Where’s Birdman Been Since Lil Wayne Called Out Cash Money?

By | 12 Comments

Cash Money's Birdman's been carrying on like Lil Wayne's grievances aren't a big issue.

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