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Does Nicki Minaj’s ‘Only’ Lyric Video Liken Young Money Entertainment To The Nazis?

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Nicki Minaj fans think 'Only' lyric video is filled with Nazi imagery. Could just be another women's empowerment video.

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The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Cast Just Got Huge Raises That Will Keep Them Around Through Season 7

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Everyone's rich, provided they can stay alive on the show long enough to collect.

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Is The Steam Summer Sale A Good Thing?

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The Steam Summer Sale has begun! But is it worth it?


‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2′ Has Already Made A Ridiculous Amount Of Money

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'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' is arguably a hit and most of the world hasn't even seen it yet.


Because It’s Friday Afternoon Before A Holiday Let’s Watch People Get Pranked With Money Fishing

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There's really no "bad" time for watching people get pranked with money fishing.

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Why Do Video Games Always Cost $60?

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Why do video games always cost $60? The answer may surprise you, in that it's actually legal.


A Criminal Genius In Buffalo Stole More Than $200,000 In Quarters From Parking Meters

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Parking really is a rip-off in Buffalo, thanks to James Bagarozzo.

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Tracklistings: Rich Gang’s ‘Rich Gang’

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I'm not exactly sure what Rich Gang is and how it's different from YMCMB.

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Paris Hilton’s New Album Is Almost Done, Followed By Her Very First Resort

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In a new interview with the Daily Beast, Paris Hilton talked about her new dance album, the story behind The Bling Ring and comparisons to Kim Kardashian.


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Allain Victoria Five Slept-On Black Adult Film Starlets [The Spizzy] Bling Bling: Drake Receives a Vintage Cash Money Chain [Miss Info] Tennessee Resident Arrested for Calling 911 to Send Him a Ride to Pick Up Beer [Complex] Big Sean Didn't Like "Finally Famous" That [...].


Mystikal Feat. Lil Wayne & Birdman – “Original” Video

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For the first visual from Mystikal's comeback tour, Birdman and Weezy Wee hired a bunch of lingerie-clad ladies with chains, brought them to one of their many Miami mansions and then told the former No Limit soldier to come join the party.

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Lil Wayne – “On Fire” Video

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Since this is supposedly not slated to be on the retail version of Rebirth that is being released in Spring of 2034, what's the point of this video.

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The iPod Shuffle – “Cruising”

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Since Short Dawg dropped his Eric Wright-influenced earthquake-inducing banger, "Cruising," way back in 2005, four things have changed.


7.26 The Cooler

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This Is The Day & The Carmella Hector The Lord Has I Made; Let Us Rejoice & Be Glad In Them.

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