Limp Bizkit’s New Single Will Be Released On Cassette To Save Us All Time

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Limp Bizkit announced that its next single will be released on cassette and sold at their concerts, which are mostly international.

You Need To Hear This

Noisey Presents ‘A Short Film About Cassettes’

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Cassette tapes are archaic and all but extinct now, except for the occasional promo material.


Life After Death: Cassettes Are Making A Indie Comeback

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USA Today: The editors of the Concise Oxford English Dictionary decided to remove the term "cassette tape" from its pages this summer to help make room for 400 new words including "cyberbullying" and "retweet.


There Are No More “Cassette Tapes”?

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As the Oxford English Dictionary ushers in new words, they have to discard older words in order the create space.


The Car Cassette Deck Is Dead, All Hail The Car Cassette Deck!

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NYT: "For all of you who were planning to pack up your oldies tapes and go shopping for a 2011 car, there is bad news: you’re too late.

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