Old Man Amazon Prime Instant Has Slapped A Racism Warning On ‘Tom And Jerry’

By | 13 Comments

Amazon Prime Instant is mandating a warning of racism before users watch 'Tom and Jerry' cartoons. Justified or overly sensitive?


A Newspaper Used The N-Word In A Headline To Try To Make A Point About Racism

By | 32 Comments

This wrinkly old white guy missed the memo that you don't under any circumstances use the n-word in a headline.


Call Your Cardiologist And Get Your Coronary Stents Ready Because Paula Deen Is Going On Tour, Y’all!

By | 3 Comments

Paula Deen and her giant frosted head invite you to join her for cooking, stories and games in a just announced summer tour.


A ‘Skinny White Girl’ Had An Existential Crisis While Doing Yoga With A Black Woman

By | 42 Comments

A white girl did yoga with a black woman. You won't believe what happens next. Oh wait, yes you will: she wrote an essay that's pretty darn racist.


Is This Fan Made Charlie Strong Texas Longhorns T-Shirt Actually Racist?

By | 6 Comments

People are outraged over this cheap, fan made Texas Longhorns t-shirt that was for sale on Etsy, as they think it's racist toward Charlie Strong.


The ‘Asian Girlz’ YouTube Defenses Are Somehow Worse Than ‘Asian Girlz’ Itself

By | 14 Comments

Leave it to you YouTube commenters to somehow be worse than the band who wrote a song titled "Asian Girlz."

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