This Video Of Cats Welcoming Home Soldiers Perfectly Sums Up Cats

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Cats do not give a crap how long you've been gone and where you came from.


No One Is As Frustrated As This Cat Unsuccessfully Trying To Dig Out Of A Four Foot Snow Drift


This cat has a four foot wall of snow to freedom on the other side of the door. Can it make it?

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This Girl’s Cat Does Not Appreciate Her Rendition Of ‘Buy You A Drank’

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This cat does everyone a very important public service by making the singing stop.


These Kittens Are More Excited About Mealtime Than You Have Ever Been About Anything

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We promise this is the cutest seven seconds of kittens eating you will see today.

scared cats

Watch This ‘A-Hole Cat’ Literally Scare The Sneezes Out Of Another Cat


Wow, this person was not kidding when they said that their cat is a total 'a**hole.'

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Enjoy This Delightful Supercut Of Cats Wreaking Havoc On Christmas Trees

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Cats and Christmas Trees are always a lose-lose combination.

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These Tabby Cats Have A Weird Fascination With Paper

By | 4 Comments

The growing phenomenon of tabby cats obsessively tapping paper.

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Princess Jasmine Cat Riding A Roomba-Powered Magic Carpet Is The Ultimate Test In Feline Patience


Max the Roomba-riding cat is back, and he has a special treat for us just in time for Halloween!

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This Cat Stuck In A Claw Machine Is Not Having Any Of Your Sh*t


Claw Machine Cat is not receptive of your mockery.


Watch This Discerning Cat Eat A Fancy Sushi Dinner While You Dine On Burnt Leftover Hot Dogs

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Prepare to have your self esteem lowered by this kitty eating better than you ever will.


It’s Friday, So Here’s A Two Minute Video Of A Cat Sitting In A Green Chair

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Think you can handle one minute of a cat sitting in a green chair? I'll take that and raise you two minutes!


This Artist’s Animated Rendering Of The Internet’s Most Popular Cat Videos Is Nothing Short Of Incredible

By | 4 Comments

Artist and filmmaker Richard Swarbrick created this short film of some of the internet's most popular cat videos and it is 100% worth watching.


Meet Oreo, The Cat That Is Changing The Way That We Play Ping Pong

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Here is a video of a cat named Oreo jumping around on a ping pong table. It's the best thing you'll watch today.

We Built This City

Having A Bad Day? This Little Girl And Her Cat Singing ‘We Built This City’ Might Help Out

By | 9 Comments

Cat videos, cute kids and catchy pop music! This video has two out of three and that ain't bad!

Thomas Edison

Thomas Edison Recorded This Video Of Two Cats Boxing In 1894

By | 7 Comments

In honor of National Cat Day, this video of two cats boxing, originally recorded by Thomas Edison in 1894, has been making its rounds again.


VIDEO: This is what happens when you put a thunder shirt on a cat

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So a Thundershirt is this vest thing you put on your cat or dog that's supposed to comfort it so it doesn't get freaked out during thunderstorms.


This Video Of Zen Cats Is The Greatest Video Aaron Paul Has Ever Seen


It's Friday. And Aaron Paul would like for you to watch "the greatest video that I have ever seen." Everyone needs zen cats in their life.

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