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The Definitive Guide To Understanding The Rock’s Many Catchphrases

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Want a better understanding of The Rock's millions (and millions) of catchphrases? We got you covered.

seth green

Seth Green On Being The ‘Cha-ching Guy’ In Those Rally’s Fast Food Commercials

By | 11 Comments

Did you know that Seth Green was once the star of a wildly popular regional fast food commercial?

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We’ve Now Got A Sequel To The Supercut Of The Greatest Television Catchphrases

By | 7 Comments

If you enjoyed the first supercut Television's Greatest Catchphrases, be sure to check out part two.

#arrested development

Please Enjoy This Supercut Of The Best Ever Television Catchphrases

By | 10 Comments

Tastefully Offensive put together this supercut featuring some of the most famous catchphrases in television history.


15 Overused Pop Culture Catchphrases That Should Never Make A Comeback

By | 30 Comments

A GIF collection of pop culture catchphrases that ought never make a comeback, in honor of Jim Carrey's 51st birthday.

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