The Magic Behind MTV’s ‘Catfish’

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When given an opportunity to find out what goes on behind the wizard’s curtain, it’s hard to resist.


Nev And Max Ride Again!: ‘Catfish’ Returns For Third Season In May

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No way people are still this dumb in 2014. But I'll watch anyway.

A Woman Got Duped By A Fake Bow Wow On Last Night’s Episode Of ‘Catfish’

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Anyone wanting to be on Catfish is clearly looking for exposure.

horse ebooks

This Is Not Acceptable: @Horse_ebooks Was A Performance Art Project By Two Buzzfeed Employees

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Today it was revealed that @Horse_ebooks has been a performance art project run by two Buzzfeed employees. This simply will not do.


CATFISH’D: Management Trainee Caught Faking Her Big Hollywood Connections

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Stereotypically speaking, Hollywood (by which I mean the entertainment industry) is known as a fake place that runs on who you know.


What’s On Tonight: You Should Watch ‘Drunk History’

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The best (and worst) of tonight's listings, including Winona Ryder and Michael Cera on "Drunk History."

Selita Ebanks

David Spade's 'Catfish' Spoof Is A Reminder That David Spade Can Be Funny

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Come for David Spade. Stay for Selita Ebanks looking like sweet goodness.


Zero Dark Catfish


Maya seeks the assistance of Nev and Max, hosts of MTV's Catfish, to find Osama Bin Laden.

manti te'o

Funny Or Die’s ‘Catfish Trailer: Manti Te’o Edition’ Is Heavy On The Die


Watch a recut version of the "Catfish" trailer about Manti Te’o, from Funny or Die.


Catfish: Manti Te’o Edition


A parody of the Catfish movie trailer, starring Manti Te'o.


The Manti Te’o Usual Suspects Gif

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I'm not going to lie to you, this is only movie related by the thinnest of rationales, and I'm adding almost zero value to a.

The Internet

Welcome To The Internet, Manti Te’o

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The story of Manti Te'o and his fake girlfriend may be the single most mind-bending story I've encountered in my lifetime.


The Epic Manti Te’o Story: Today We Are All Catfish

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Catfish was a documentary that came out a couple years ago about a New York dude who supposedly got caught up in an online relationship with a girl from rural Michigan who wasn't real (I suspect he figured this out quickly, but went along with it and made it seem like he was slowly picking up clues along the way to the "big discovery," so as to make for a better-paced narrative.


Russian Fishermen Catch 430-Pound Catfish.


You know it's an impressive catch when it takes five giggly Russians to lift it.

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