Listen To Stephen Colbert Nail His Catholic-Themed Keynote At The Al Smith Dinner


"America's most famous Catholic" killed it last night because of course he did.


Catholics Are Pissed Over This Hamburger Being Named After A Swedish Metal Band

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The Ghost B.C. hamburger looks amazing, but Catholics are not happy.

the pope

An Illustrated Guide To Becoming The Next Pope

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How the hell does one become the pope? Well, here ya go. You're welcome!


Sorry, HS Baseball Players, This Is What Your Internet Girlfriend Really Looks Like

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An elaborate scheme to teach high school baseball players the value of not sending nude pictures to strangers, or a horrible man's attempt to see kid dicks.


Attention: Dick Vitale Is Conversing With Our World's Religious Leaders

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If The Pope has done nothing else to help the world, he's gotten Dick Vitale to shut up.

#LeBron James

Dirk Nowitzki Hailed as New Pope

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Okay, maybe not, but how awesome would Catholicism be if you had to dodge one of Dirk's sh:tty picks to get to the altar.


Don’t Bahrain On Our Parade


Internet access has been restricted in Bahrain leading up to and in response to the recent protests there.

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