Tara The Hero Cat Threw Out The First Pitch At A Baseball Game, Because There’s Nothing She Can’t Do

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Tara the Hero Cat "threw" out the first pitch at a Bakersfield Blaze minor league baseball game, a week after saving a young boy's life.


This Cat Rapping To Busta Rhymes Is What We Want

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Here is a Vine of a cat rapping to Busta Rhymes. Nuff said.


Tara The Hero Cat To Throw Out First Pitch At Minor League Baseball Game Next Week

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Tara the Hero Cat is reportedly going to be throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at a Bakersfield Blaze minor league baseball game.


And Now, For Hands Down The Stupidiest Thing You Will See On The Internet Today

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Stupidest or most brilliant thing on the internet? You decide!


Watch The Adorable Interview With The Boy Who Was Saved By His Cat From A Dog Attack

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Here's an interview with the little boy whose life was saved after his cat threw down and rescued him from a vicious dog attack.


This Video Of A Heroic Cat Saving A Boy From A Vicious Dog Attack Is Nothing Short Of Amazing

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Watch a young boy's cat save the day when he's attacked by a neighbor's dog.


Franzie Says Relax: This Adorable Cat Requesting Hugs Is Here To Give You Warm Fuzzies

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Franzie the cat cordially requests hugs in these adorable GIFs and videos. SOMEBODY HUG THAT CAT.


You Might Believe What This Australian News Anchor Accidentally Said To Make Her Co-Host Lose His Sh*t

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Every time we check in on 'Today', Australia's version of the 'Today Show', it does not disappoint.


Can You Name All Of The Famous Fictional Cats In This 8-Bit Poster?


The folks at re:blog have put together this cool poster featuring famous pop culture felines.


This Dog Befriending A Disabled Kitten Might Be The Most Heartwarming Thing You’ll See Today

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A kitten named Ralphee that suffers from a neurological disorder has found a special friend in an Australian cattle dog named Max.


China Has Designed The Perfect Desk To Keep Your Cat Off Your Laptop Once And For All

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To solve this problem of cats sitting on laptops, a design company has created this interactive piece of furniture.


This Video Of A Tabby Cat Stalking A Dangerous Snake Is Both Terrifying And Hilarious

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This terrifying video of a tabby cat stalking a venomous snake thankfully has an unexpected twist ending.


Purina Is Going To Be Running A Pop Up ‘Cat Cafe’ In Manhattan This Week


PurinaOne is going to be operating a "Cat Cafe" in Manhattan this Thursday. Cats in a cafe? Cats in a cafe.

Animals At Play

Here’s A Playful Look At A Patient Cat Fishing For Another Cat


Two cats. One fishing pole. Grab the video camera and throw the pride out the window!


This Stray Cat Doing Battle With A Poor Guy’s Blinds Is Your Monday Morning Metaphor

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Hopefully you were able to get out the door this morning with a little more grace than this cat.


This Artist’s Animated Rendering Of The Internet’s Most Popular Cat Videos Is Nothing Short Of Incredible

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Artist and filmmaker Richard Swarbrick created this short film of some of the internet's most popular cat videos and it is 100% worth watching.


Here Are Nine Adorable Super Mario Cats. Have A Good Friday.

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This person has nine cats. Of course they set up some Mario pipes and mystery blocks and put hats on cats.

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