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Princess Jasmine Cat Riding A Roomba-Powered Magic Carpet Is The Ultimate Test In Feline Patience


Max the Roomba-riding cat is back, and he has a special treat for us just in time for Halloween!


Funny, Sexy, And Awesome Cosplay Of The Week

By | 4 Comments

It's that time of the week when we post a mixed bag of intriguing cosplay we've spotted recently. Some sexy, some funny, some cute, and some awesome.


Here, Have A Good Cry Watching These Kids Get Reunited With Their Missing-For-Two-Months Cat

By | 8 Comments

There are probably fewer joys in life greater than being reunited with a long-missing pet. To wit...

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These Cats And Dogs Are Ready For Halloween, Possibly Plotting Against Us

By | 2 Comments

All the cute pets in Halloween costumes that didn't get featured in our other galleries are still having their day, but not their dignity.


Run The Jewels Will Remix Their New Album With Cat Sounds

By | 2 Comments

The Internet can be pretty great sometimes, like when it funds musicians remixing their albums with nothing but cat sounds.


Attention Internet: Tyson Kidd Now Has Pictures Of Cats On His Kickpads

By | 31 Comments

Are Tyson Kidd's new kickpads the greatest of all time? Yes. Yes they are.


These Cute Animals In Halloween Costumes Are Going Geeky This Year

By | 2 Comments

These adorable cats and dogs are modeling the finest of geeky Halloween costumes while plotting revenge.


This Man Has Trained His Cat To Climb Onto His Head For Treats


Naboo the cat will scale his owner's body all the way up to his head when it's time for a treat.


Want To See Cute Animals In Halloween Costumes Based On TV, Movies, And More?


Halloween is coming, and we've already recommended funny costumes for people, but what about our pets? Who will humiliate them, if not us?

#Taylor Swift

John Cleese Insulted Taylor Swift By Mocking Her ‘Damaged’ Cat

By | 12 Comments

Taylor Swift gives peak Taylor Swift face when John Cleese insults her cat.


Watch This Cat Enjoy The Rest Of His Owner’s Cold Beer

By | 5 Comments

This cat gets a taste of his owner's beer and can't resist gulping the rest of it down.

Pet Adoption

The Wisconsin Humane Society Came Up With The Perfect Way To Get More Of Its Cats Adopted

By | 10 Comments

What sort of soulless monster wouldn't adopt a kitten named Professor PuddinPop, we ask?!


The Laser Cat Yearbook Kid Finally Got His Picture In The Yearbook With His High School Principal

By | 6 Comments

A Schenectady teen was finally granted his wish of having his portrait with his cat appear in his high school yearbook.


This Cat Probably Didn’t Want To Be Turned Into A Dragon, But A Russian Salon Did It Anyway

By | 6 Comments

Cats are pretty entertaining on their own. Do we really need to subject them to this?


Laser Cat Yearbook Kid Compromises, But For A Good Cause

By | 2 Comments

Now that a compromise has been reached, we're wondering if the cat got a raw deal.


Here’s How To Ruin Any Indoor Cat’s Day

By | 2 Comments

A perfectly-timed video reveals why this indoor cat is so sad about the new home.

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