CBS Has Suspended Greg Anthony Indefinitely After He Was Arrested For Allegedly Soliciting A Prostitute

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CBS just dropped the hammer on Greg Anthony after he was arrested with a prostitute.


Jon Connor Is “Inside College Basketball” With New CBS Theme Song

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You know how much money mixtapes and viral videos make someone like Jon Connor.


UFC Is Not Homoerotic, Now Has Its Own 'Official Nut Sack'

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Recently, CBS Sports analyst and GREAT DAD Seth Davis came under fire when he said he wouldn't want his kids watching mixed martial arts because (and I'm paraphrasing here) two men are near each other and that means gay.


Women Be Draftin’, Am I Right, Fellas?

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Let’s face the facts, guys and dolls – if you’re short a Y chromosome, there’s just no way you can like baseball for the right reasons.


@Storytime: CBS Sports Reports Of Joe Paterno’s Demise Were Greatly Exagerrated

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On Saturday night, while most of the cool kids were out smoking cigarettes in the Taco Bell parking lot, news broke that Penn State coach Joe Paterno had passed away due to complications from lung cancer.

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