Here’s Why The Cast Of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Was Actually Underpaid

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"The Big Bang Theory" cast could have held out for even more money. Here's why.

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Johnny Galecki, Kaley Cuoco And Jim Parsons Have Signed $90 Million Deals To Return To ‘The Big Bang Theory’

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The long, national nightmare is over, and the stars of 'The Big Bang Theory' have reportedly received their huge new deals.


The ‘Big Bang Theory’ Contract Negotiations Have Now Delayed The Start Of Season 8

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Well that's probably not a good thing. I mean, if you're a fan of "The Big Bang Theory."


Jim Gaffigan’s Unaired CBS Pilot Is Being Picked Up By TV Land, Of All Places

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Jim Gaffigan’s broad comedy which was passed on by CBS is heading to TV Land with repeat airings by Comedy Central.

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It’s Time For John To Get Back To Work In The ‘Person Of Interest’ Season 4 Teaser

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CBS revealed the Season 4 teaser for 'Person of Interest' at Comic-Con, and John is eager to get Harold back in action against Samaritan.

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Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ Will Stay Put In New York After David Letterman Retires

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David Letterman will reportedly step aside for Stephen Colbert in May, but the setting for 'The Late Show' will remain unchanged.


Halle Berry Makes A Space Baby In The Latest ‘Extant’ Clip

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Halle Berry and a hunky alien make a baby in a sexy (?) new 'Extant' clip.

Meshach Taylor

RIP ‘Designing Women’ Star Meshach Taylor, 1947 – 2014

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Designing Women star Meshach Taylor has passed away at the age of 67.


The New Season Of ‘Big Brother’ Already Has Its First Controversy About Racist Comments

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"Big Brother 16" hasn't even aired yet and one of its contestants is already in hot water for racist, homophobic comments.


Regis Philbin Explains To David Letterman Why He Had To Hitch A Ride To Get To CBS


You might've saw that Regis Philbin was recently caught hitching with strangers around New York. Well now he breaks his legendary silence!

San Marino

The Poop-Throwing Mayor Of San Marino, California Is In A Steaming Heap Of Trouble


It's good to be the mayor, throwing dog poo where you please and making news with every movement.


Norm Macdonald Would Like You To Know Joel McHale Is Your New ‘Late Late Show’ Host

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Norm MacDonald either sees the writing on the wall or is trolling the public, but #latelatenormnorm is over.


No Big Deal, Just Joel McHale Hanging Out With The Guy Who Will Select Craig Ferguson’s Replacement

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Interesting. What reason could Joel McHale possibly have for hanging out with Les Moonves?


CBS Passed On The One New Sitcom You Were Probably Going To Watch

By | 43 Comments

CBS revealed their fall 2014 lineup, but there's a noticeable absence.


Potential Craig Ferguson Replacements Surface, But CBS Is In No Hurry To Choose

By | 24 Comments

Though CBS is not anxious to find someone to replace Craig Ferguson, some expected -- and unexpected -- names are in the mix to succeed him.


Meg Ryan Is Your New Bob Saget In ‘How I Met Your Dad’

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'How I Met Your Dad' has found its version of Bob Saget.

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