Will ‘Person Of Interest’ Really Kill Off Detective Lionel Fusco?

By | 29 Comments

The upcoming three-episode 'Endgame' event on 'Person of Interest' makes it look like Det. Lionel Fusco will die, but will they really go that far?


Today Is The 75th Anniversary Of The Day Orson Welles Made America Crap Its Pants

By | 13 Comments

On this day, 75 years ago, Orson Welles narrated HG Wells' "The War of the World" on the radio, and people everywhere thought aliens were invading.


What Happened In 'The Good Wife' Episode That Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over?

By | 34 Comments

Everyone is losing their minds over last night's "The Good Wife." Here's why.


Ever Wanted To See A $10 Million Bra? Then Check Out Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Fantasy Bra’

By | 3 Comments

Victoria's Secret leaked the first image of its $10 million "Fantasy Bra" on Instagram earlier today.


The List Of Highest-Earning Television Actors Will Not Make You Very Happy

By | 22 Comments

Forbes has released their annual list of the highest-earning television actors of the year, which is topped by Ashton Kutcher and a ton of other CBS stars.


A Dark Horse Candidate Wins The Race To Be The Second Show Canceled This Fall

By | 36 Comments

Which CBS sitcom won the title of the second cancellation of the fall season?


'The Millers' Showrunner Doesn't Want His Show To Be Known As The Fart Show

By | 11 Comments

The Millers showrunner Greg Garcia is upset that so many critics have focused on one fart joke in the new sitcom's pilot.


J.J. Abrams Apologizes For Lens Flares, Says CBS Doesn’t Want ‘Star Trek’ TV Series

By | 18 Comments

J.J. Abrams has come to the realization he has a lens flare addiction. He's on the "apology" step of his addiction recovery.


Vince Gilligan’s First Post-‘Breaking Bad’ Project Is A CBS Drama That Was Rejected In 2002

By | 15 Comments

Now that "Breaking Bad" is over, Vince Gilligan is...working on a CBS drama?


Arsenio Hall Beat Leno And Letterman Last Night With Monster Ratings

By | 19 Comments

Good news! Arsenio Hall's late night comeback debut after 19 years away beat out not only Leno and Letterman but also Kimmel and Fallon in the ratings.


Time Warner And CBS Blink, Which Means Your Football Will Air As Planned

By | 5 Comments

The blackout of CBS on Time Warner cable has come to an end... but only for now.


Anna Faris Is Really Stoked About This Butt Sex Joke

By | 19 Comments

It's the little things with Anna Faris, isn't it?


Guess Who Put The Kibosh On A ‘Star Trek’ TV Series Starring Worf

By | 15 Comments

Michael Dorn says a 'Star Trek' TV series was in the works which would focus on Worf, his Klingon character from TNG and DS9.


CBS Is Turning ‘The Wizard Of Oz’ Into A Medical Drama

By | 16 Comments

CBS continues to be a parody of itself with a "Wizard of Oz" medical drama.

allison grodner

A Former ‘Big Brother 15′ Employee Claims That The Reality Show Is Rigged

By | 24 Comments

A person claiming to be a former Big Brother 15 employee posted a message to the show's Facebook claiming that this season is rigged.


How To Get Around Time Warner Cable’s Blackout Of CBS

By | 42 Comments

CBS is blacked out on Time Warner Cable. Want to watch it anyway? Here's how.


In Which We Explain The Whole Time Warner/CBS Squabble

By | 20 Comments

CBS and Time Warner are currently fighting over how much to charge you for what CBS gives away for free. Really.

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