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allison grodner

A Former ‘Big Brother 15′ Employee Claims That The Reality Show Is Rigged

By | 24 Comments

A person claiming to be a former Big Brother 15 employee posted a message to the show's Facebook claiming that this season is rigged.


How To Get Around Time Warner Cable’s Blackout Of CBS

By | 42 Comments

CBS is blacked out on Time Warner Cable. Want to watch it anyway? Here's how.


In Which We Explain The Whole Time Warner/CBS Squabble

By | 20 Comments

CBS and Time Warner are currently fighting over how much to charge you for what CBS gives away for free. Really.


'Under The Dome' Has Been Renewed For A Second Season

By | 28 Comments

'Under the Dome' is getting a season two, for some reason.


Ranking The ‘Under The Dome’ Characters, From Least To Most Ridiculous

By | 24 Comments

Most of the characters on "Under the Dome" are cuckoo pants, so let's power rank them.


‘Big Brother’ Contestant Aaryn Gries Got Fired By Her Modeling Agency For Her Offensive Comments

By | 39 Comments

Aaryn Gries, one of the racist "Big Brother" cast members, got fired from her modeling agency after clips from the live feed showed up online.


Stephen King Defends Brian K. Vaughan's 'Under The Dome' Changes

By | 18 Comments

Stephen King is not only OK with the changes CBS has made to 'Under the Dome,' he encourages them.


The 7 Most Insane GIFs From The Season Premiere Of Stephen King's 'Under The Dome'

By | 32 Comments

Re-live the GIFable magic of 'Under the Dome,' the most exciting network summer series in YEARS.

bryan k. vaughan

‘Under The Dome’ Got Off To A Great Start Last Night

By | 29 Comments

Gory, funny, heavy on the character, 'Under The Dome' is officially promising.


CBS Had 12 Of The 25 Highest-Rated TV Shows Of The 2012-2013 Season

By | 30 Comments

How dominant is CBS right now? It canceled one of the Top 25 highest-rated shows of the year.


Neil Patrick Harris’ Opening Number At The Tony Awards Was Incredible

By | 27 Comments

Returning to host the Tony Awards, Neil Patrick Harris absolutely killed with his musical opening number.


Here Are The Top 100 Network TV Series Of 2012-2103

By | 59 Comments

The top 100 network television series of the year BARELY includes renewed 'Community.'


Somehow, NBC Didn’t Finish Last In The 2012-2013 Nielsen Ratings (And The Morning Links)

By | 7 Comments

CBS finishes first in the yearly ratings, followed by Fox, then NBC.


Watch A Preview For CBS’s ‘The Millers’ With Will Arnett And Margo Martindale (And The Morning Links)

By | 11 Comments

Highlights from around the web, plus an extended look at CBS's new sitcom, 'The Millers.'

CBS’ ‘The Crazy Ones’ With Robin Williams Is One Long McDonalds Ad (And The Morning Links)

By | 2 Comments

Watch the trailer for "The Crazy Ones," a new CBS sitcom starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Gellar, and the rest of the Morning Links.


The Entire Final Season Of ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Will Take Place During The Wedding Weekend

By | 39 Comments

"How I Met Your Mother" co-creator Carter Bays confirmed that the entire final season of the show will take place during the Stinson's wedding weekend.


A Helpful GIF Guide To Reacting To Pilot Season Decisions

By | 28 Comments

How you should feel about ABC, CBS, FOX, and NBC's various renewals and cancellations.


A CBS Blogger Pissed Off The Internet By Asking If This Thunder Dancer Is ‘Too Chunky’

By | 9 Comments

I don’t know why Anna-Megan Raley blogs for CBS Houston under the name Claire Crawford, but after last week, I assume it’s because it allowed her to get away with writing incendiary click bait with headlines like, “Is This Girl ‘Too Chunky’ To Be An OKC Thunder Cheerleader.


News Station Simultaneously Trolls ‘Star Trek’ And ‘Star Wars’ Fans

By | 7 Comments

CBS Philly confuses 'Star Wars' with 'Star Trek', and we suggest even more troll-tastic photos for their 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars' articles.

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