Who Does Brooklyn Decker Have Winning The NCAA Tournament? You Know You're Curious.

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CBS Sports released a copy of Brooklyn Decker's NCAA Tournament bracket, because we all really want to know who she has winning, I'm sure.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan Is Going To Appear On An Episode Of ‘2 Broke Girls’, Because No One Ever Learns Lessons

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Lindsay Lohan is also going to be making a guest appearance on an upcoming episode of 2 Broke Girls. Sigh. Are we really doing this again?


Fans Rejoice As Miami Marlins President David Samson Has Been Voted Off ‘Survivor’

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Despite claiming that he'd win because people underestimate him, Miami Marlins President David Samson was the first contestant booted from 'Survivor.'


‘How I Met Your Dad’ Has Found Its Lead Actress

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'How I Met Your Dad' might be shaping up to be an interesting replacement for CBS with news that the show has cast Greta Gerwig in the lead role.


Here’s Everything You Need To Know About The ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spin-off, ‘How I Met Your Dad’

By | 28 Comments

The casting descriptions have been released for the "How I Met Your Mother" spin-off, "How I Met Your Dad." Sally is the new Ted.


Get To Intimately Know The Cast Of ‘Survivor: Brawn, Brains, And Beauty’ (And Predict Their Finish!)

By | 23 Comments

I am a huge fan of Survivor and love when they do these cheesy theme seasons. It tickles the part of me that likes "Hang In There" posters and argyle socks.


30 Callbacks In ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season 9 That You May Have Completely Missed

By | 10 Comments

A list of all the callbacks you might have missed during "How I Met Your Mother" season nine.


‘How I Met Your Mother’ Filmed Its Big Climactic Ending Almost Eight Years Ago

By | 29 Comments

Details about the "How I Met Your Mother" series finale, including a pivotal scene that was filmed almost a decade ago, and who the mother would have been if the show got canceled after only a few seasons.


CBS Basically Allowed ’60 Minutes’ To Act As The NSA’s Propaganda Department Last Night

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If you tuned in to 60 Minutes last night, you're forgiven for confusing what traditionally has been television's most vital newsmagazine program for something that looked an awful lot like state-run television propaganda.


So It Begins: Amazon Plans To Deliver Items In 30 Minutes Or Less With Drones

By | 19 Comments

Amazon has unveiled Prime Air, their plan to eventually deliver some packages within 30 minutes via Amazon drones.


So That ‘How I Met Your Mother’ Spin-Off Is Now A Reality

By | 20 Comments

CBS has given the green light to the 'HIMYM' spin-off series 'How I Met Your Father' dooming us all in the process.


Will ‘Person Of Interest’ Really Kill Off Detective Lionel Fusco?

By | 29 Comments

The upcoming three-episode 'Endgame' event on 'Person of Interest' makes it look like Det. Lionel Fusco will die, but will they really go that far?

War of the Worlds

Today Is The 75th Anniversary Of The Day Orson Welles Made America Crap Its Pants

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On this day, 75 years ago, Orson Welles narrated HG Wells' "The War of the World" on the radio, and people everywhere thought aliens were invading.


What Happened In 'The Good Wife' Episode That Everyone Is Losing Their Minds Over?

By | 34 Comments

Everyone is losing their minds over last night's "The Good Wife." Here's why.

victoria's secret fashion show

Ever Wanted To See A $10 Million Bra? Then Check Out Victoria’s Secret’s ‘Fantasy Bra’

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Victoria's Secret leaked the first image of its $10 million "Fantasy Bra" on Instagram earlier today.

mo money mo money mo money

The List Of Highest-Earning Television Actors Will Not Make You Very Happy

By | 22 Comments

Forbes has released their annual list of the highest-earning television actors of the year, which is topped by Ashton Kutcher and a ton of other CBS stars.


A Dark Horse Candidate Wins The Race To Be The Second Show Canceled This Fall

By | 36 Comments

Which CBS sitcom won the title of the second cancellation of the fall season?

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