What’s On Tonight: CeeLo Green And His Goodie Mob Life


The best (and worst) of what's on TV tonight, including the series premiere of "CeeLo Green's The Good Life."


The 10 Worst Super Bowl Halftime Shows We’ve Had To Suffer Through

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Here are the 10 of the worst Super Bowl Halftime shows to date, because listing ALL OF THEM would be too easy.


100-Word Review: Goodie Mob’s ‘Age Against the Machine’

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Words by Preezy Da Kid One monkey may not stop the show, but it can sure alter a listening experience.

The iPod Shuffle

Outkast’s ‘Speakerboxxx/The Love Below’ Turns 10

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Because any chance to pay homage to Big Boi and Andre 3000 is a worth the expense of thinking of the words to do so.


Five Miles From The VMAs, Prince Played A Secret Show At A Winery That Ended At 6 A.M.

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While we were making fun of the VMAs, Prince was being, well, Prince.

#jimmy fallon

Pictionary: Jimmy Fallon & Cee-Lo Vs. Lenny Kravitz & Jennifer Aniston. Who Ya Got?

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You may think Pictionary is a simple game, but you've never played it with Cee-Lo. Jimmy Fallon has, and he wants to pull his teeth out.


Tracklistings: Goodie Mob’s ‘Age Against The Machine’

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Every passing day puts us one step closer to the release of Goodie Mob's long-awaited reunion album, Age Against The Machine.


That New Goodie Mob Album We Waited Damn Near 10 Years For Now Has A Release Date

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Almost a decade and a couple of false starts in the making, the Goodie Mob album fans have waited for may actually see the light of day.


Here’s A Cee Lo Parody Video About Dwight Howard Made By … The Newspaper? Seriously?


If you'd stumbled upon an off-key parody song about Dwight Howard throwing the Orlando Magic under the bus set to Cee Lo Green's 2010 hit 'F**k Forget You,' you'd probably say "wow, this is dumb," followed by "this must be pretty old" and "some weird Internet guy made this.


Cee-Lo Green Ft. Lauriana Mae – “Only You” Video


Sticking to my guns, Cee-Lo Green's "Only You" is a hit waiting in the wings for Top 40 radio.

The iPod Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle – Field Mob’s “All I Know”

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Social commentary delivered in a Southern twang courtesy of Shawn Jay and Smoke plus a stirring chorus and verse from Cee-Lo.


Cee-Lo Green Ft. Lauriana Mae – “Only You”

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The words "Cee-Lo" and "single" are a pretty good indication we can be expecting a new album from the conductor of The Soul Machine between now and December 31.

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