Math Hoffa

Battle Rappers Math Hoffa And Dizaster Will Settle Their Beef With A Boxing Match

By | 12 Comments

Dizaster and Math Hoffa may be taking their beef to the ring with the help of Damon Feldman.

Mickey Rourke

Mickey Rourke ‘Won’ His Boxing Match With This Ridiculous TKO

By | 22 Comments

Mickey Rourke, all 62 years of him, was in Russia today to box a 29-year old dude. The results are shocking!

Superfight 2014

The George Zimmerman / DMX Superfight Has Been Canceled

By | 3 Comments

The George Zimmerman / DMX fight that people wanted to see for all the worst reasons has been canceled.


There’s A Snag In The George Zimmerman Vs. DMX ‘Celebrity’ Boxing Match

By | 23 Comments

While everyone is talking about how DMX agreed to fight George Zimmerman, the rapper has yet to sign any Celebrity Boxing contracts.


George Zimmerman Will Fight All Races And Creeds In His Upcoming Celebrity Boxing Match, So Sign Up Now!

By | 13 Comments

This is your chance to take on George Zimmerman in the squared circle! He's taking part in a celebrity boxing match for charity and searching for opponents.


Angelina From Jersey Shore Wants To ‘Celebrity Box’ The Other Cast Members We’ve Forgotten About

By | 4 Comments

Angelina from Jersey Shore (remember her? Remember THAT?) wants to Celebrity Box Snooki, J-Woww and whoever else from Jersey Shore, because sadness.


Will Drake And Chris Brown Fight Each Other For $1 Million? No.

By | 6 Comments

In the wake of what has turned into one of the sissiest bar fights to ever involve two hip hop stars, multiple people are now looking for pay days.


At Least He Won’t Need A Mouthguard

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If you've ever wanted to see two desperate-for-fame baseball players from the 1980s sadly destroying each other while an Octomom and possibly an also-ran Kardashian cheer them on, this is the story for you -- embattled former slugger and mouth-haver Lenny Dykstra has been named a replacement opponent for Jose Canseco's upcoming Foxy Celebrity Boxing match.


Jose Canseco And Octomom Sitting In A Tree

By | 9 Comments

By all accounts, Jose Canseco is a delusional maniac, unfolding mentally in front of more than 400,000 followers on Twitter.


The Dugout: Goofus and Gallant

By | 31 Comments

David Eckstein is living the dream.


Jose Canseco Is A Real Trickster

By | 4 Comments

Fans of celebrity boxing (Read: broke gamblers) were incredibly disappointed Saturday night when they realized that Jose Canseco wasn't himself when he showed up for his fight at the Hard Rock Casino in Hollywood, Florida.


Tom Zbikowski Wants Chad Ochocinco at the Flag Pole after Gym Class

By | 6 Comments

It's pretty common knowledge that Baltimore Raven's safety Tom Zbikowski began his foray into the world of professional boxing around the time he was drafted out of Notre Dame.

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