This 22-Year-Old Knows A Lot Of Celebrity Face Impressions

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If anyone can imitate faces better than this 22-year-old, we haven't met them.

#The Rock

The Rock Gave These Lucky Fans Big Sweaty Hugs And Proved Again Why He Is The Best

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On his way home from the gym, The Rock stopped to greet some fans and treat them to warm sweaty hugs


Jeff Goldblum To Be First-Time Father Of Baby Boy At 62 Years Old

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Jeff Goldblum is expecting his first child at age 62 with a gymnast wife who is half his age.


There’s No Way These Photos Of Kim Kardashian Are Based In Reality

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There is no way this is the real Kim Kardashian in these photos. This is a pod person or a claymation figure.

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Let’s Look Back On The Storied History Of Actors And Actresses Rapping

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Following Daniel Radcliffe's amazing rap act on 'The Tonight Show', we took a look at the long history of celebrity rapping.


Cecily Strong Lost A Bet With Jason Pierre Paul Over The Knicks And Bulls

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For the Fox Sports 'You Bet Your Ass' challenge, SNL's Cecily Strong and NFL star Jason Pierre Paul faced off over their NBA teams.


Actresses Without Teeth Is Here To Meet Your Weekly Nightmare Fuel Quota

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They are all now toothless, hideous swamp monsters. Click through at your own risk.


Celebrity Googly Eyes Is Just Getting Started, Seems Unclear On What Constitutes A Celebrity

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Building on the good times "X-Men with Googly Eyes" concept a new Tumblr has emerged that ups the ante by adding GIF'd up googly eyes to celebrity photos.

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'Star Trek 2' Hooters Guys Night Out As Live-Tweeted By Simon Pegg And Zachary Quinto

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Saturday night the male stars (not named Cho, Urban, or Yelchin) of the currently filming Star Trek sequel went out for beers and the death of boxing at a local Northern California Hooters.


Meme Watch: Bad Luck Leo Is Here To Divert Your Attention From Leonardo DiCaprio Banging Models


Maybe he's attempting to deflect from a personal life filled with yachts, courtside seats at Lakers games, and running through runway models like they're Britta filters.


The Incredible Portrait In Portrait Art Of Kim Dong Yoo


Celebrity artwork is nothing new, as people have loved painting celebrities, actors and entertainers ever since Leonardo DaVinci created a portrait of his favorite reality starlet, Mona Lisa.

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The Least Fascinating People of 2010

By | 24 Comments

Every year, Barbara Walters picks her list of "most fascinating people.


Why Can’t Celebrities Use Twitter This Week?


There are many things celebrities, no matter who they are, just can't do.

TV Stars

A Guide To Meeting Famous People

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There is nothing like the sight of screaming fans surrounding an uncomfortable-looking celebrity to make one question the human condition.

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