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Apple Who? Flip Phones Are Making A Major Comeback In Japan

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People are turning to flip phones for their cellular needs in Japan. Could the USA soon be following the same trends?


A Teen Went On A Brick Throwing Rampage After Getting Caught Taking Pictures Of His Junk

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One day you're just minding your own business, tattooing your brother and taking crotch shots, and then the next day you're rampaging.


A Teenage Girl Had To Be Pulled Out Of A Sewer After Trying To Retrieve Her Cell Phone

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A teenager in England had to be rescued by firefighters on after she hopped into a storm drain in an attempt to fetch her dropped Blackberry.


Watch This Guy Hilariously Crash Peoples’ Cell Phone Conversations At Disneyland

By | 3 Comments

Greg Benson of MediocreFilms does the lord's work by prank crashing strangers public cell phone conversations.


Why Didn't Flight 370's Passengers Make Any Phone Calls?

By | 20 Comments

Flight 370 seems to have experienced a communications blackout that was total and complete, even for the passengers.


Congress Does Something Useful For Once And Moves To Ban In-Flight Calls

By | 17 Comments

In-flight calls may have their FCC ban lifted soon. So Congress is moving to ensure they stay banned.


Oh Please God No: The FCC Might Lift The Ban In-Flight Phone Calls

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In-flight calls might become way more common if the FCC has its way.


Verizon Has Been Handing Over Records Of Every Call To The FBI

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Verizon and the FBI have always been snuggly, but all the data? For every call? Really?


ESPN Wants To Pay Your Cell Phone Data Bill For You (When You Use Their Apps)


ESPN might help you pay your data bill... at least for the parts where you watch ESPN.


Why Your Cell Phone Is Probably Not Giving You Brain Cancer

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Your cell phone may be giving you brain cancer. On the other hand, so might eating pickles, for all we know. Here's what you need to know.

well at least its fairly normal for japan

Of Course Japan Has Developed A Cell Phone That Helps Guys Cheat On Their Wives And Girlfriends


Normally, if I saw a guy using a flip phone, I’d probably point and laugh while shouting, “Hey everyone, look at the loser with the flip phone.

stupid laws

Dennis Kucinich Wants Another Stupid Cell Phone Radiation Law

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There is a better way to get people to stop texting during a movie, and it's called "fisticuffs".


20% Of Third Graders Have Cell Phones. Wait, WHAT?

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Just to help out anybody who thinks that cyber-bullying the fault of the collective Internet, it's not -- its root cause are parents who give their children free reign on the web.

ugh now we have to shop local like those smug hippies

Malls Now All FBI, Tracking Your Cell Phone As You Shop


It had to happen eventually: malls are now using your cell phone to track you as you wander.

well we guess fox news needs something to talk about

San Francisco Hates Cell Phones, Science, Common Sense


Every now and then, we're pretty sure the city government of San Francisco looks at each other and says, "We haven't passed a law that makes us look like wussy idiots in a while.


15-30% of Americans are Still Texting While Driving?


We could say this politely, but why bother: Texting while driving is pretty stupid, as demonstrated by Entourage's Kevin Connelly at right.

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