Nokia’s Got The $29 Burner Phone You Can Tweet With

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If you're looking for a cheap, durable phone to surf the internet with, you might not have to wait much longer.

viva movil

So Jennifer Lopez Has A Line Of ‘Premium’ Mobile Phone Stores Now

By | 4 Comments

They're called "Viva Movil" and they're potentially... really condescending to Latinos!


Politician Believes Cell Phone Gun Exists

By | 4 Comments

In the mind of one state politician, the cell phone gun exist and must be protected against. Errrrr...what?


What Are the Feds Putting Up Your Cellphone's Backdoor?


Aside from being the genesis of images that will sear your corneas (and don't come whining to us if you Google it), what do cell phone back doors have to do with you.

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