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Military Academies In Turkey Are Banning ‘Game of Thrones’ As A Way To ‘Protect’ Students

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Turkish Armed Forces prohibit programs with "sexual exploitation" and other "negative behaviors."


Russian Officials Want To Ban Foreign Films That ‘Demonize Russia’

By | 16 Comments

A Russian official has suggested banning films that "demonize Russia," though they do note that Titanic is still cool.


Eva Green Candidly Discusses Her Awesome Boobs On ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ And E!

By | 20 Comments

Eva Green discusses her sexy, censored 'Sin City' poster in two great interviews, also reveals the best way to die.


10 Hit Singles That Had To Be Censored To Be Heard On The Radio

By | 24 Comments

I wonder why radio stations wouldn't play Black Eyed Peas' "Let's Get Retarded"...?


Korean Food Truck Celebrated For Its Chicken Banned In San Antonio Over Its Spicy Name: ‘CockAsian’

By | 7 Comments

CockAsian, a food truck famous for its spicy chicken, has been banned in San Antonio over its racy name.

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WATCH: Here Are The Banned Scenes From 'South Park: The Stick Of Truth'

By | 4 Comments

'South Park: The Stick of Truth' is out today, but gamers overseas will be getting a censored version. Here are videos of what they're missing.

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Here’s Why ‘South Park: The Stick Of Truth’ Will Be Censored Outside The US

By | 4 Comments

We know it's shocking that 'South Park: The Stick of Truth' might be tasteless and offensive to delicate sensibilities, and yet...

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The Uncensored Ending Of ‘South Park’s Infamous Muhammad Episode Has Finally Leaked

By | 17 Comments

Comedy Central bleeped out the ending of the "South Park" episode, "201." But here it is!

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The Real Reason You Should Be Worried About Net Neutrality And Online Gaming

By | 7 Comments

Net neutrality being struck down isn't the biggest threat to online gaming: The agency making the rules is.


Pussy Riot's First Post-Prison Joint Interview Was An Awkward Disaster

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Please don't ask Pussy Riot about their lips or Beyoncé.

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The Funniest Examples Of Network TV Censorship


A collection of 100% real examples of hilariously harmless audio dubbed over movie curse words for network TV consumption.

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A Disclosure Music Video Was Removed From The Internet Because It Glamorized Drug Use


You won't see the music video for Disclosure's "Help Me Lose My Mind" any time soon.


Woody Allen won’t let India have ‘Blue Jasmine’ over anti-smoking ads

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Indian law requires that any film depicting smoking - such as Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine - be screened with an anti-tobacco ad preceding the movie, and a caption during the smoking scenes.


Kirk Cameron’s ‘Victory’ Over Facebook Was Simply A Technical Mistake

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Last week, former child star, abstinence enthusiast and bitchin’ birthday party host Kirk Cameron released the trailer for his latest faith-based film entitled, Unstoppable, which should not be confused for the choo-choo train movie starring Denzel Washington and Chris Pine.


The Center For Copyright Information Gets Its Status Revoked


The Center for Copyright Information is no longer a company because apparently, they can't be bothered to fill out forms.

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Why Politicans Are Blaming Video Games For Violence More Than Ever

By | 20 Comments

Hint: It's not because they can actually do anything about it.


China halts all Django Unchained screenings for ‘technical reasons’

By | 8 Comments

Just a few days ago, stories went around about Tarantino supervising a cut of Django Unchained that would pass Chinese censors.


Apple May Be Censoring The Email Of iCloud Users

By | 3 Comments

Guess what? If you use iCloud, Apple's been reading your email! And its attachments! In detail! And deleting the stuff it doesn't like!

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