An 8th Grade Wrestler Is Carrying His Little Brother 40 Miles To U-M To Raise Awareness For Cerebral Palsy

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An 8th grader is set to carry his little brother 40 miles from his hometown to the University of Michigan to help raise awareness for CP.


Update: Inspirational Oklahoma 10-Year Old Tobias Bass And His Disabled Brother Finished Their 5K

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In an update to an earlier story, inspirational 10-year old Oklahoma boy Tobias Bass and his disabled brother Titus ran in and finished their 5K.


An Oklahoma Boy Wanted His Disabled Brother To Run A 5K With Him, So He Sought Help From Local News

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Oklahoma boy Tobias Bass reached out to his local news team to help find a jogger pusher so his big brother with cerebral palsy could run with him in a 5K.


A Florida MMA Fight Between Men With Down Syndrome And Cerebral Palsy Was Canceled

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While recently recording my bi-monthly contractual appearance on the FilmDrunk Frotcast to discuss the world’s most important issues of the day, including Corey Feldman’s music video for “Ascension Millenium” and this incredible 1988 Chi Phi recruitment video, Vince and the gang asked my opinion on this weekend’s eyebrow-raising story out of, where else, Florida, where a mixed martial arts match between Garrett Holeve and David Steffan was canceled because it was “unsanctioned.


Teen Comedian With Cerebral Palsy Kills It During ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ Standup Set

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14-year-old comedian Jack Carroll, who was born with cerebral palsy, performed an amazing standup set on "Britain's Got Talent."


Crispin Glover’s movie sounds awesome

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Just one more note about FilmDrunkard Justin here and Crispin Glover.

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