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The Best Moments From Week 11 Sunday


I doubt anyone looks good cheering wildly for their favorite team, but this mongoloid in the J.

xmas ape

Free Agentkkake Begins With ‘Skins Receiver Splurge (UPDATED)


With the Redskins ostensibly hamstrung by the recent cap deduction, Washington has passed on big quarry like Vincent Jackson and is instead loading up on a bevy of no.


Here’s A Controversy That Is Totally Stupid


One of my favorite things in sports is when athletes make jokes in their postgame or practice press conferences and reporters either don’t get them or they do get them but still turn them into mini controversies for the sake of slow news days.


When Did Quarterbacks Stop Having Balls?


When the Miami Dolphins and Denver Broncos failed to reach an agreement on a trade for Kyle Orton, two things happened: 1) Chad Henne fell ass backwards into another year as the de facto starter for Miami, and B) Tim Tebow possibly lost his job as the starter in Denver.


Dolphins Fans Hurt Henne’s Feelings


Miami Dolphins players and personnel are very upset with the team’s fans after they booed and shouted insults at quarterback Chad Henne as a result of Miami’s 34-27 loss to the Detroit Lions on Sunday.


Dolphins QBs Now Just On The Ground

The Miami Dolphins kept their dwindling playoff hopes alive with a 29-17 win over the Tennessee Titans yesterday, but they’ll have to keep pressing on without quarterbacks Chad Henne and Chad Pennington, who were both removed from the game with serious injuries.

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