Chael Sonnen Is Full of Drugs And Out Of A Fox Sports Job

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And now he's fired: Chael Sonnen was found out to be riddled with PEDs and now he can't analyze fights for Fox Sports any more.


Chael Sonnen Was Right, Wanderlei Silva Won’t Fight Him At UFC 175

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Wanderlei Silva has been dropped from UFC 175, which means that Chael Sonnen will now have to fight the furious Vitor Belfort.


Chael Sonnen Gave Out Stephanie McMahon’s Phone Number On TV, Wants You To Ask Her About CM Punk

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Chael Sonnen supports CM Punk and wants you to call Stephanie McMahon to ask her if Punk's gonna be at WrestleMania XXX. He also has her phone number.


Fighter Dogs Power Rankings? Fighter Dogs Power Rankings.

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Our own Jessica Hudnall ranks the 13 best dogs in mixed martial arts, from Ronda Rousey's mastiff to Rener Gracie's mini Australian shepherd.


Chael Sonnen Threw MMA Under The Bus To Help Promote Grudge Match

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Chael Sonnen helped Robert De Niro and Sylvester Stallone prove that MMA fighters are "girls" in an international promo for the film 'Grudge Match.'


How Chael Sonnen Became Less Of An A-hole (Literally) The Day Before UFC 167

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A report from TSN claims Chael Sonnen had part of his colon removed the day before his fight against Rashad Evans at UFC 167.


Live Discussion: UFC 167 – Georges St-Pierre Vs. Johny Hendricks

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Tomorrow night, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the UFC, Georges St-Pierre puts his title on the line against Johny Hendricks at UFC 167.


UFC 167 Pre-Fight Dana White Media Scrum News And Notes


In yesterday's UFC 167 pre-fight media scrum, Dana White answered questions about everything from Ben Askren to The Ultimate Fighter 1.


You Can Now Vote For Which Fighter Will Make The Cover Of EA’s UFC Game

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The UFC and EA are giving UFC fans the chance to vote for which fighter they'd like to see join Jon Jones on the cover of the new video game.


11 Fighters We’d Like To See Coach Against Each Other On The Ultimate Fighter

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The UFC’s reality series The Ultimate Fighter 18 debuted on Wednesday night after a pretty great Fight Night on Fox Sports 1, and based on just the one episode, I feel confident that we’re in for a heck of a season.


UFC 167 Adds Sonnen Vs. Evans As Co-Main Event And Alistair Vs. Mir For Fun

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Since his victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at the debut of UFC on Fox Sports 1 last month, <a href="http://www.uproxx.com/sports/2013/08/chael-sonnen-man-without-opponent/" target="_blank">Chael Sonnen has had several requests</a>.

dana white

Chael Sonnen Is A Man Without An Opponent

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While it seems like Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva want to fight each other, UFC President Dana White is far less confident about it happening.


UFC On Fox Sports 1 Results And Tito Ortiz Is Completely Happy With Bellator Now

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Depending on whom you ask, <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/08/with-leather-live-discussion-ufc-on-fox-sports-1" target="_blank">the debut of UFC on Fox Sports 1 on Saturday night </a>was a big success, as people at Fox Sports are saying that the Fight Night card was entertaining and PPV-worthy, while everyone else is saying, “Yeah, that was good, I guess.


With Leather Live Discussion: UFC on Fox Sports 1

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Tomorrow night marks the beginning of a new era for Fox Sports, as the launch of the new 24/7 network Fox Sports 1 is supposed to provide us with the first real contender to the throne that ESPN has been sitting on for God knows how long.


Chael Sonnen Wants Wanderlei Silva Next And Hopes To Ref Silva-Weidman II

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Chael Sonnen is <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/08/chael-sonnen-trash-talk-watch-the-peoples-champ-called-shogun-dead-wood" target="_blank">brash, bold, loud-mouthed, hyperbolic, arrogant</a> and plenty of other adjectives, and he’s already won every fight that he’s ever been in weeks before the fight even happens.


Chael Sonnen Is Still Running His Mouth And Might Be Looking For A Shot At Chris Weidman

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Chael Sonnen has been hyping his upcoming main event showdown with Mauricio “Shogun” Rua on <a href="http://www.ufc.com/event/ufc-fight-night-shogun-sonnen#/fight" target="_blank">UFC Fight Night on Fox Sports 1</a> – the debut of mixed martial arts on the No.


Chael Sonnen Trash Talk Watch: The People’s Champ Called Shogun ‘Dead Wood’

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On Saturday night, the UFC will kick off a new era of sports television with the promotion’s <a href="http://www.ufc.com/event/ufc-fight-night-shogun-sonnen#/fight" target="_blank">debut on the much-hyped Fox Sports 1 network</a>, which will supposedly attempt to give the folks in Bristol a run for their debate-embracing money.


Chael Sonnen & Iron Sheik, Together At Last

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Remember back in February when the <a href="http://withleather.uproxx.com/2013/02/the-olympics-is-getting-rid-of-wrestling-but-at-least-our-worst-people-are-upset-about-it" target="_blank">International Olympic Committee decided to remove amateur wrestling from the Olympics</a>, and the only people of note who stood up to oppose them about it where Chael Sonnen and The Iron Sheik.


Video: Chael Sonnen’s New Contract Demands Are Hilarious And Possibly Serious

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The UFC’s greatest boastful personality Chael Sonnen <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk-c8AO7U-o" target="_blank">spoke to fans during a Q&A session at the UFC Fan Expo</a> this past weekend in Las Vegas, and he continued to prove why he needs to host a charisma seminar for all new fighters every year, so they don’t all have the personalities of notebook paper.

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