Listen To Some Bored Mets Fans Chant ‘Daniel Bryan’ At Jayson Werth

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Bored New York Mets fans decided to chant 'Daniel Bryan' and 'YES' at Jayson Werth, because what the hell else are Mets fans supposed to do at a ball game?


WWE Made Fun Of Its Own Fans Behind Their Backs For Chanting ‘CM Punk,’ Thinks They Should ‘Go Away’

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WWE's CM Punk recently walked out on the company, and leaked audio from the live Raw feed reveals the announce team has rude things to say about his fans.


The Michigan State Spartans Are Still Celebrating With Daniel Bryan ‘YES!’ Chants

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The Michigan State Spartans brought back their Daniel Bryan/Rose Bowl victory YES chants during halftime at a basketball game against Ohio State. YES! YES!


Detroit’s Bankrupt Clap Clap ClapClapClap (And The Morning Links)

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Ignore the horrible, dubbed-in commentary over the video and enjoy Cleveland Indians fans responding to a "Let's go Tigers" chant with a rousing "Detroit's bankrupt.

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