McDonald’s Is Selling 200 Bottles Of Big Mac Special Sauce On eBay For Charity

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Australia's Golden Arches are auctioning off 200 bottles of special sauce, and the first one is already fetching five figures.


Matt Bonner Entertained Spurs Fans With This Awesome Andy Kaufman Routine

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At the team's annual charity event, Spurs big man Matt Bonner performed Andy Kaufman's classic Mighty Mouse routine for fans.

the pope

The Pope Is Selling His Harley-Davidson… Wait, What?


The Harley-Davidson gifted to the Pope last year will be auctioned off next month to benefit a charity for the homeless in Rome.


On the Frank Stallone Feud and Unleashing the Fury of ‘Frankster’s Gangsters’

By | 66 Comments

Let's reflect on the strangest feud this site has ever had, as Frank Stallone and his manager won't put up with our negativity.


The Man Behind The Saddest eBay Auction Of 2013? Frank Stallone

By | 50 Comments

Starting at $20,000, Frank Stallone auctioned off his musical services for one lucky New Year's Eve party, so try to guess how that auction ended.


Get your MFs ready: Samuel Jackson will read a fan-written monolog chosen by Reddit

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Say what you will about him, Sam Jackson is a man who understands his appeal.


Florida Friday: 80-year-old woman swallows $5,000 diamond

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Florida Friday has been on hiatus for the past two weeks for a big meth cook (Florida sabbatical, we call it), but today it's back and not a moment too soon, because an 80-year-old woman accidentally swallowed a $5,000 diamond at a charity event in Tampa.

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