The Lakers’ Ed Davis Had A Wonderful Message For Charles Barkley After The Team’s First Win

By | 2 Comments

Ed Davis told Charles Barkley he could eat. He was super nice about it on Twitter.


Charles Barkley: ‘Unintelligent’ Black People Are Hurting Successful Black People

By | 37 Comments

Charles Barkley responds to the Russell Wilson controversy with some poignant comments on race.


Here’s A Mash-Up Of Charles Barkley’s ‘Turrible’ First Pitch And His Taco Bell Commercial


Charles Barkley's first pitch didn't go so well. Here it is mashed-up with his Taco Bell commercial.


The Debate Is Over: LeBron Is Better Than Michael, Writes Luther Campbell

By | 20 Comments

In his own unique way, rapper Luther Campbell explained why today's analysts are too chicken to call LeBron James the best of all-time.

san antonio spurs

Charles Barkley Would Cross The Street If He Saw A San Antonio Fan

By | 5 Comments

Charles Barkley's blood feud with the people of San Antonio continues. He will "beat they ass" if they say anything to him.


Important Sports News: Shaq Doesn’t Know What A Pierogi Is

By | 13 Comments

Other sports things are happening, but the important thing you need to know is that Shaq thinks pierogis are Polish sausages.


Charles Barkley Issued An Apology To Those Big Ol’ Women In San Antonio


If you’ve just started watching Inside The NBA for the last two weeks, then you’re probably surprised that Charles Barkley likes talking about fat women in San Antonio.


Charles Barkley Issued An Apology To Those Big Ol’ Women In San Antonio

By | 29 Comments

Charles Barkley won't stop talking about big San Antonio women anytime soon.


Donald Sterling ‘Apologizes’ In Interview With Anderson Cooper, Heaves Another Insult At Magic Johnson

By | 17 Comments

Donald Sterling was sure to get "I'm sorry" and "I'm not a racist" on record, but not without wandering off the PC/PR trail.


The Women Of San Antonio ‘Responded’ To Charles Barkley’s Fat Jokes

By | 13 Comments

In a very poorly-written segment, TNT's NBA analysts allowed the women of San Antonio to get back at Charles Barkley for calling them fat.


Charles Barkley On San Antonio: ‘There Are Some Big, Ol’ Women Down There’

By | 12 Comments

During last night's Emmy-winning NBA Playoffs coverage on TNT, Charles Barkley shared a colorful description of the women of San Antonio.


Kevin Hart Busted Out His Impressions Of The Entire NBA On TNT Crew

By | 5 Comments

In a new spot for 'Think Like a Man Too,' Kevin Hart showed off his pretty strong impressions of Charles Barkley and Shaq.

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