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Charles Ramsey

Charles Ramsey Will Never Have To Pay For A Burger Again

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A group of restaurants in Ohio have banded together to make sure Charles Ramsey never has to pay for a burger. In other news, I'm suddenly craving a burger.

Charles Ramsey

A Cleveland Man Got Charles Ramsey’s Face Tattooed On His Leg

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An Ohio man had the face Charles Ramsey tattooed on the back of his leg, because why not?!

Charles Ramsey

‘Melinda Brown Duncan Is The New Charles Ramsey,’ Say Idiots

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Journalists are now going out looking for wild sound bytes to recreate Charles Ramsey craze. Enter Melinda Brown Duncan.

no good deed goes unpunished

Leave Charles Ramsey Alone

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Charles Ramsey has a criminal record. So what?!

Charles Ramsey

Everyone Else Can Shut It Down Now: The Gregory Brothers Have Autotuned Charles Ramsey

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The Gregory Brothers -- the undisputed kings of the autotune -- have dropped their version of the Charles Ramsey interview. Everyone else can go home now.


Dead Giveaway (Charles Ramsey Autotune Remix)


<a href="">Charles Ramsey</a>, the hilarious hero that <a href="">helped rescue</a> three missing Cleveland women, gets the catchy autotune remix he deserves.

Amanda Berry

Anderson Cooper Interviewed Charles Ramsey And It’s As Great As You’d Imagine

By | 71 Comments

Anderson Cooper interviewed Charles Ramsey and it's one of the greatest things in the history of ever.


Charles Ramsey Finally Gets A Decent Autotuning, Might Have A McDonald’s Endorsement Deal Coming

By | 6 Comments

I've been checking YouTube all day to find a halfway decent Charles Ramsey autotune video, because you knew one was coming. Here's the best one.

Charles Ramsey

Man Helps Rescue Missing Women, Gives Amazing Interview


After helping rescue three women who went missing way back in 2002, <a href="">Charles Ramsey</a> gives one of the most entertaining news interviews you'll ever see.

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