Video: Dennis Rodman Sings Happy Birthday To N. Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un


Fresh off his baffling CNN interview, Dennis Rodman sang happy birthday to the North Korean despot, Kim Jong-un, before the exhibition game the two organized after an earlier visit to the cloistered, totalitarian regime.


Watch Dennis Rodman Sing ‘Happy Birthday’ To His Best Friend Kim Jong-Un

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Before today's exhibition game between some American basketball players and a North Korean team, Dennis Rodman sang 'Happy Birthday' to Kim Jong-Un.


The Top 10 Playoff Plays From The 1990s Chicago Bulls

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I'm not really sure what the basis of this video was because, look, if you put together a top 10 Chicago Bulls playoff plays, and the list doesn't include MJ's Last Shot or his switch-in-the-air layup against the Lakers, then someone screwed up.


Pat Cavanaugh: From Pitt Captain To Captain Of Industry


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