12.15 The Cooler

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What Louis CK Knows That Most Media Companies Don't <a href="">[GigaOM]</a> No Concussion Test For Colt McCoy Because Team Didn't See Hit <a href="">[NYT]</a> Madonna Signs Three-Album Deal With Interscope <a href="">[MSN]</a> Who Is Charli Baltimore.


Yeah, Hoe!: 5 Classic Gangsta Boo Guest Appearances

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By now, most of you have thoroughly entertained yourself with repeated listens from <a href="">Yelawolf's "Throw It Up,"</a> featuring a hilarious Eminem cameo and a random, yet well-placed reemergence from <a href="">Gangsta Boo</a>.


4.1 The Cooler

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Tiana-Nicole The Ten Biggest April Fool's Jokes In History [Gunaxin] Justin Bieber To Play Ashton Kutcher In A Will Smith Film [Film Drunk] Here Comes Some Odd Future Backlash [Vulture] Charli Baltimore Put On Blast By Salty Ex-Boyfriend [C&D] Tyler Perry Extends Deal With Lionsgate [...].

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Long Kiss Goodnight…

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Is there any reasonable theory as to why Charli Baltimore didn't blow up.


“They Call Me Chuck…”

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That Memoirs Of A Geisha top and the bangs sort of threw me off but C.

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